The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – June 29, 2020

Brazilian web series RED - CloudCon Panel

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, I hosted a panel for the very first time and it was for one of my favorite shows, the Brazilian web series RED.

It’s been really hard to keep on top of everything since our house fire. We’ve been dealing with all of logistics and settling into our temporary home (while also needing to keep on top of work) so my #QTIwlw posts may be a little short for a while. I hope to get back to my regular TV watching regime soon!

RED Panel – QFX CloudCon [Streaming]

Last Thursday I was having a challenging day feeling like nothing was getting fixed or finished in any area of my life. Then that night our team got a ping on LezWatch Slack asking if one of us could moderate a RED panel for CloudCon, the QFX virtual con. Their moderator dropped out last minute. I thought Nikki was the perfect person to moderate since she knows Portuguese, has experience interviewing people on her former podcast and is a RED fan. Unfortunately, she had a scheduling conflict (and so did Mika), so even though I’ve never moderated a panel ever, I agreed to do it.

The panel was 3pm the next day.

The next morning I woke up thinking, “Did I agree to moderate a panel last night?” I’ve been on a lot of panels so I’ve experienced good and bad moderation. Hillary Esquina sent me an example outline and Nikki helped with questions. RED co-creator, Germana Belo, chatted with me on the phone so I could verify my facts were accurate. I knew I had to keep all my fangirling on the inside and be 100% professional.

I think it went pretty well! I felt good about the flow of conversation and Germana, Ana and Luciana all said such beautiful things they made it easy.

Abbreviated Highlights

Did Ana and Luciana have amazing chemistry from the start?
All: Yes!

Which season was the hardest to write?
Germana: Season Five.

Will the fans be happy with the way the series ends?
All: We think so.

When will we get to see Shades of RED 4 and RED season six?
Germana: Sometime in 2020.

For all of the details, watch the panel online! For some reason, the beginning is muted, but skip ahead and the sound eventually kicks in.

Thank you, QFX for reaching out to us. Doing the panel for RED was an experience of a lifetime! I feel so lucky to have had a conversation with these amazing women about such a beautiful show.

Let’s see, we have within 6 months to wait for Season 6? In the meantime here is the trailer for RED season 6 to hold us over.

This week: I promise I will recap The CHI‘s season three premiere episode because it was the gayest one they’ve ever done. Kevin’s mom and her girlfriend got married!

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