The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – January 20, 2020

Queerest Things - Tibette

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, Tibette, and everyone else on The L Word: Generation Q has a very bad day, and Breaking News: Batwoman is a lesbian.

Warning: This post contains spoilers!
Shameless – Season 10 Episode 10 “Now Leaving Illinois” [Catch Up]

I’m sure you’re all dying to know what’s up with Debbie’s Sugar Mama/Sugar Mama’s daughter love triangle. No? I’m going to tell you anyway.

Debbie’s doing both the mom and the daughter.

Shameless - You're going south fast

“You’re going south fast.” That’s a good one.

Claudia offers Debbie a cushy job being her housegirl at $30/hour, and the same day, Julia asks Debbie to her homecoming dance “promposal” style. Debbie is thinking economically and tells Julia there is no way she can go to the dance with her.

Shameless - I'm sleeping with your mom, Julia

Good save, adding “emotionally” at the end, Debs.

Later, Debbie is about to give Claudia an answer to her job offer, but Julia is angrily stomping around in the kitchen.

Shameless - Don't mind her

That night Julia just shows up at the Gallagher house. She found it by tracking the GPS on her mom’s car Debbie was borrowing. She says she’s made up her mind and they ARE going to the dance together. Debbie reiterates her “NO” and Julia counters with a threat.

Shameless - It's a free country

Looks like Debbie is going to have to go to the dance behind Claudia’s back.

In other Shameless news, the next season will be it’s 11th and final season. I’m more than okay with that. It’s time for this ridiculousness to come to an end.

Almost Family – Season 1 Episode 11 “Generational AF” [Live]

I don’t want to talk about it.

The L Word Generation Q – Season 1 Episode 7 “Lose It All” [Live]

This was definitely “The Conflict” episode. Everyone had challenges this week.

Dani and Sophie (and I guess Finley too)

Dani is reeling from Pierce’s sudden resignation as Bette’s campaign manager and doing damage control while taking on interim manager duties. Sophie is sadly trying to get her attention while Dani does job stuff as usual.

Sophie then gets a phone call. Her grandma fell, and Sophie needs to meet her family at the hospital.

The L Word Gen Q Tibette - I'll come with you

You know Sophie doesn’t mean it when she says it’s okay for Dani to go to work instead of the hospital, but we’ve already learned they’re terrible communicators.

Finley does show up with Funyuns and support.

The L Word Gen Q Tibette - I don't want to lose her

Y’all, I know the show has been pushing these two together for the last two episodes, and I am NOT into it. In my opinion, they have great buddy chemistry, but no romantic chemistry. Plus Sophie is engaged, and Finley was there cheering when it happened! I don’t think either one of them would so easily betray Dani like that. Also, I don’t know about you, but my queer female friends are my friends, and I don’t want to sleep with them. Okay, maybe when I was 18-22 I did (and did), but not by the time I was their age.

Anyway, yes, I was right Sophie did want Dani to come even though she told her not to.

The L Word Gen Q Tibette - You have to ask for what you want

Sometimes Finley is so wise, but nobody listens to her advice.

Finley runs into Dani while she’s grabbing some clothes to bring back for Sophie. She also gives Dani a deserved guilt trip for going to work instead of the hospital. Dani’s pretty much like, “My life is important and you’re a slacker, so you should be there instead of me.”

The L Word Gen Q Tibette - Even I knew to be there

That seemed to hit home because Dani does go back to the hospital with Finley.

At first, Dani is sweet and supportive, but that’s interrupted by a negative ad dropped by Bette’s opposition. Dani now has to go deal with that and leaves Sophie again.

The L Word Gen Q Tibette - I need to handle this

At this point, I’m with Finley. Dani can take an hour off from Bette duty to support her fiance! If she keeps being this absent, she’s not going to be her fiance for much longer.

Finley goes to leave for the night and after an exchange of “I love yous,” Sophie pulls her back.

The L Word Gen Q Tibette - What are you doing

No. I say no to this!

There are so many things put in jeopardy by this kiss.

  • Dani and Sophie’s wedding (which I think shouldn’t happen anyway).
  • Finley’s friendship with both Dani and Sophie.
  • Finley’s housing situation.
  • Alice’s show (remember Sophie and Finley work there together).
  • A general disturbance in the L Word Universe.

Sophie confesses the kiss to her sister and tells her she doesn’t need to tell Dani because it’s never happening again. Maribel gives her side-eye in response. We’ll see how this all goes down in the finale!

Alice, Nat & Gigi

America’s favorite lesbian poly triad has settled into a somewhat normal routine. Gigi sorted the clothes in the closet by color and has generally picked up kid schedule duties.

Alice can’t make it for dinner that night, because she has a big meeting with the network. This leaves Nat and Gigi to hang on their own.

The L Word Gen Q - Below Deck

FYI, Below Deck is my favorite guilty pleasure reality show.

With that bit of foreshadowing, we can assume watching TV won’t be the only activity they’ll be doing without Alice tonight.

Alice’s big meeting with the network did not go the way she thought it would.

The L Word Gen Q - We don't know if there will be a next season

Now Alice has to work with that douchebag, Drew, to come up with a “viral hit” to save the show. Gross.

Meanwhile, at Chez Throuple, Nat and Gigi are getting some alone time to do all the processing they didn’t do when they broke up. Nat is regretting breaking up in the first place. She wishes she let Gigi apologize and not put the kids through their divorce.

The L Word Gen Q - I'm here

This leads to a two-way, which I am sure is in violation of the “If it’s at sea it’s got to be three” rule.

Alice comes home after her shitty day ready to tell Nat all about it when she discovers Nat is not alone.

The L Word Gen Q - Do you want to get in

Alice is obviously not okay with this.

Nat and Gigi are all like, “Get in, this is cool, right?” But all Alice sees is two ex-wives being wives again. Nat wants the three of them to talk it out, but Alice is like, “no thank you.”

The L Word Gen Q - It's your whole fucking life

Alice takes off and goes to Shane’s house.

Nat leaves Alice a voicemail saying she needs time to figure out what she’s doing and what she wants. She also says she’ll call in a few days when she’s ready to talk. That is not a good sign. If she really wanted Alice to stay in the relationship, she’d be showing up on Shane’s door begging her to come back.

Days later, Alice meets up with Nat and Gigi to have a big talk. Nat and Gigi present things like, “We worked out our issues while you were staying at Shane’s and now we want you back.” Alice is not buying it. After living together in the house they used to live in as wives and working out old issues, they don’t need Alice anymore.

The L Word Gen Q - We're trying to figure this out with you

And with that Alice gets up and leaves.

I have so many mixed feelings about this. I really wanted the three of them to work out. But I also get Gigi and Nat needed to resolve past issues, and if that led to getting back together, that’s good, too. Also, if Alice breaks up with the two of them does that mean the characters won’t be back next season? That would make me upset because I’ve really grown attached to them.

Bette Fucking Porter

Alice is absent from our weekly OG L Word character meal because she’s still mad at Bette, but Tina is there, and she and Bette are being a little Tibette couple-y.

The L Word Gen Q Tibette - Tina and Bette at lunch

Tina even asks Bette out to dinner that night, just the two of them. Bette tells her to come over to her house, and she’ll make dinner.

I’m really surprised by how much I want the two of them to get back together. I didn’t even like Tibette that much on the OG L Word, but this show has managed to pick out the best parts of their chemistry together and amplify it.

Shane can see what’s going on.

The L Word Gen Q Tibette - Hormones

Bette Porter pulling the menopause card.

Bette makes a delicious looking dinner for Tina, and Tina tells her she wants to move to LA during her show’s hiatus to be closer to Angie. Bette’s like, “Cool you can stay here until you find a place.” and Tina stops her. She has other news.

The L Word Gen Q Tibette - Carrie asked me to marry her

Bette needs more wine after that bomb.

Tina then tells Bette she wants the 3 of them — Bette, Tina and Carrie — to tell Angie about the engagement. Bette is trying to be all “Congratulations, I’m happy for you,” but she is doing a terrible job at faking it. Looks like Tibette is not happening any time soon.

After the negative ad drops, Dani comes over to Bette’s to strategize. Dani wants to fight back, but Bette shuts that down. She wants to ignore it and go on with a clean campaign. Bette then offers Dani a drink after a shitty day.

The L Word Gen Q - Would you like a whiskey

I would say, “Yes, please.” to drinking whiskey with Bette Porter after a verbal smackdown too.

I see what you’re doing here, show. Dani has a crush on Bette Porter (don’t we all). But please don’t actually make this a thing. For Bette, it would be like hooking up with a younger version of yourself.


Quiara and Big Daddy Shane go to an OB appointment where they will hear the baby’s heartbeat for the first time. Quiara gets emotional after hearing it, but Shane not so much.

The L Word Gen Q - Baby's heartbeat

Shane can’t even fake making an emotional babyface.

That night Quiara is sitting by herself at a restaurant, obviously being stood up by Shane. After she gives up and walks out, Shane comes running up and Quiara is pissed. Shane apologizes, saying it was a hard day and confesses she didn’t feel anything when they heard the baby’s heartbeat besides fear.

The L Word Gen Q - There's nothing to fix

Shane better re-marry that girl quick, because I don’t think anyone else is going to be that understanding of Shane’s shenanigans.

Batwoman – Season 1 Episode 10 “How Queer Everything Is Today!” [Live]

I don’t have enough time on Monday mornings to do a full Batwoman recap (I do have a job), but I wanted to share this breaking news.

Batwoman reveals herself as a lesbian

You’re welcome.

Next week: It’s the L Word: Generation Q finale! Will all conflict from this week be resolved? We shall see.

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