“Saved By The Bell” is Back

“Saved By The Bell” is Back

When you wake up in the morning and the alarm gives out a warning and you don’t think you’ll ever make it on time. By the time you get your books and give yourself a look you’ll get to the corner just in time to see the bus drive by.

I actually watched Good Morning Miss Bliss since I had an unrequited crush on Haley Mills, so when they made an ongoing story called Saved By The Bell, I tuned in. And I was somewhat disappointed. The show was funny, for it’s time, but it was also really not-funny. It was a laugh then and not so much now. And let’s just not talk about “The College Years.” Oh sure, they had some great episodes, like zit cream that turned your face burgundy, and of course who could forget Jessie on pills.

Did you know that was supposed to be actual drugs and not caffeine pills? Good times.

Let’s be clear, though, this is not a Degrassi or even a Boy Meets World. The show never seriously tackled anything, it was all about getting away with stupid things and facing no consequences. Saved By The Bell was fun and lighthearted and kicked the fourth wall away with panache. You don’t watch the show and think “Yeah, that changed my life!”

But hey, we’ve got a new series, and it’s on Peacock, so I settled in to watch the screeners.

Warning: The rest of this post contains spoilers for the first season of SBTB.

Zack Attack is Back

At about the 3 minute mark, I muttered “Well I still hate Zack, so that’s okay.” The premise is Zack Morris (yes, that guy) wound up the Governor of California. Looking at the state, I can honestly believe that. But unlike Schwarzenegger (our most recent celeb-turned-gov), Zack sucks as the governor. Like super sucks. He ‘accidentally’ gets a bunch of BIPOC schools closed, cause he’s trying to cut the budget, and gets tricked into bussing the kids to schools like (drumroll please) Bayside!

While some of the Karens on the PTA are upset, Principal Toddman (John Michael Higgins, who is great in the role) points out he has no control over anything, don’t blame him, and they’re coming, so all the Bayside kids have to be ‘buddies’ to the poor kids from Douglas High. It goes about as well as you might think.

Now, a quick recap about your old favs:

  • Zack and Kelly are married
  • Slater is the football coach and is super creepy
  • Jessie Spano is the school counsellor and married to a handsome idiot

And the new kids?

  • Mac Morris is rich, entitled, and just like his dad
  • Lexi is popular, the queen bee, and has a reality show about being trans
  • Jamie Spano is handsome, athletic, and a total idiot
  • Daisy Jimenez is the ‘star’ kid who breaks the fourth wall and is from Douglas High
  • Aisha Garcia (also from Douglas High) is her BFF and an athlete
  • DeVante (also from Douglas High) is constantly scouted by Slater wants to be in the musical

The Reboot … Works

I’m not a huge fan of reboots, honestly. I am aware that me, who loves One Day at a Time, saying that is hilarious. But the thing is I like a reboot that takes on the flaws of the original and kicks them to the side. Well, that’s what this show does! If the original Saved By the Bell was a show today, then we’d probably all have a hashtag #BaysideSoWhite and skip it.

I’m impressed. They make fun of the adults, but this time it’s actually funny. They actually named someone “Joyce Whitelady” (whit-lah-dee, but yeah). They call out racism and biases. They point out privilege and favouritism. And … it’s actually a good show.

Screener Review On Saved By The Bell

A modern revival of a campy show manages to balance the original into an update worth watching. Dial in to Peacock starting November 25 (today!) to watch the sitcom.


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