The Bold Type Upended

The Bold Type Upended

As season three ended, everything was in an uproar. Jaqueline was gone, Andrew her assistant was having a break down, and everything looked terrifying.

When season four starts, everything is much, much worse than it looked.

Bold Consequences

We knew that Jacqueline’s choice to have an all-inclusive issue was not going to go over well with RJ and the board. The old men on the board, whom Kat had tried to take on before and get non-degree’d people hired, react as badly as you’d think. After all, Jacqueline being an outspoken woman meant the board had a file an inch thick about all her indiscretions.

Jacqueline has never been an innocent, which is why I adore her and would drop everything to work for her. She’s bold, honest, and brave. She did everything right, and she knew it would have a cost. But the good news is that doesn’t mean she’s going down without a fight.

The bad news is that everything comes with a cost, and it may be more than anyone was ready to pay.

Bold New World

Meanwhile our intrepid trio is bumbling through adventure while trying to follow Jacqueline’s footsteps. In turn they each take the lead and charge forward when the others stumble. It’s by sticking together that the ladies keep everyone’s head above water and survive the most dangerous moment in their careers.

Their friendship is one of the many reasons the show works. Women who stick together and have each other’s backs are the strength of The Bold Type, and when their worlds flip over its needed more than ever.

The subplot about Richard possibly leaving for San Francisco has not been forgotten, and Kat’s foray into politics inspires her more than ever before. This is especially true without Jacqueline, as someone has to stand up and be the voice of representation.

And speaking of voices, wait till you meet Jacqueline Carmichael.

Be Brave, Be Bold

Season four looses none of the heart and drama that made the first three seasons of The Bold Type so drawing and obsessive.


Based on the first three episodes, season four is going full out to win your heart. Pop some rosé, friends, you’ll need it. And every episode has at least one new queer character!

Watch season four starting next week, January 23rd, and find out why #scarlet is trending.

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