Don’t Paus The Stream – New Network, New Series

Don’t Paus The Stream – New Network, New Series

Finding where to watch quality content, and then be able to afford all of it, is the bane of the modern TV era. Into this complex and messy (and expensive) world steps paus. And with it comes new content.


Founded in 2020, paus is a new video platform dedicated to supporting talented content creators and helping audiences to discover inspiring work. It is a platform powered by audiences to support great work. No adverts. No endless scrolling.

How do they make money? Tips! And unlike some of those delivery services, 80% of the tips you provide go to the creators of the content! If you use paus, you can still use Kickstarters etc to fund your projects. And from the network we get …

Heart to Heart

Heart to Heart is a new short comedy series directed by Lilah Vandenburgh and created by IR Bell-Webb. Fern Deacon (Black Beauty) stars as Liddy who wakes up after another heart operation to the internal voice – courtesy of David Tennant – of that vital organ. The heart knows what it wants and that is to live a little and not to die before losing her virginity; her object of desire is found in the form of a foxy nurse Kim, played by Siena Kelly.

Now here’s the rub. Heart to Heart is only free this weekend! I know, short notice, sorry, I was trying to get through the watch and the add and everything else.

You can watch it all Sunday, an account is free, and there’s a Q&A to be seen. Please carve out 20 minutes to watch this two episode series about a girl in love, a foxy nurse, and a heart that says its own mind.

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