The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – December 27, 2021

Queerest Things - Hightown season 2 finale

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, just when I was about to give the show a “Most Improved” award, the Hightown season 2 finale ended in the worst way possible.

Warning: This post contains spoilers!

It was rough last night for queer TV. Van, Taissa’s time of the plane crash girlfriend, was killed in a really gruesome way on Yellowjackets. I don’t have the desire to go into a full recap of the episode because it was too depressing. Instead, I saved all my sad recap energy for the Hightown season 2 finale.

Hightown – Season 2 Episode 10 “Fool Me Twice” [Live]

This show started to win me over this season. Jackie was less of a disaster than last year. She still majorly fucked up here and there, but she spent most of the season trying to be sober and a better cop. To my biggest surprise, I actually cared about the police part of the show. I got sucked into the effort to take down Frankie Cuevas and found myself looking forward to each episode. I still can’t stand Ray and there is a lot about the show I find problematic, but I was composing a “Most Improved” post in my head before watching the finale. After watching it, that’s not happening.

I should have known things weren’t going to end well when they showed a clip of Jackie with her dad’s creepy-ass drug dealer during “Previously On.” That episode was tough to watch. Jackie’s dad and girlfriend took her on a drug bender, and when they ran out of money, Jackie’s dad asked her to have sex with his dealer for more drugs. WTF?? My wife deduced Jackie had a history of that with her dad which is why she doesn’t let women do stuff to her when she has sex with them. It’s a horrible and depressing, yet probable theory.

The Hightown season 2 finale started on a high note — with the help of Jackie, Frankie Cuevas was arrested, and everyone was in a celebratory mood including Leslie.

Hightown season 2 finale - We should celebrate

I guess Jackie needs to take down the Fentanyl supply to the entire Cape to get Leslie to be not-straight again.

During their date, Leslie confesses she broke things off with Jackie for Gay Panic reasons.

In my TV heart, this is exactly what I wanted to happen but I still didn’t trust it.

The next day, Jackie and Leslie are cute at work when Alan calls them into his office.

I actually thought for a minute, this was going to be a good thing. Maybe Jackie and Leslie’s good cop/bad cop routine would get Charmaine to talk and Jackie could end the season a hero.

That evening, Ray stops by Jackie’s and tells her not only did he get his job back, but he’s also replacing Alan as Sargent.

I’m with Leslie WTF? Stupid Ray is able to get his badge back and bump Alan out of his position how exactly? He went rogue trying to play detective while fired. Fail your way to the top indeed.

Jackie and Leslie go on their mission to drive Charmaine to the women’s facility and things are going fine until Charmaine says she got her period and needs to stop for a tampon. Leslie’s like, “We’re not stopping.” but softie Jackie pulls over on the side of the road for her.

Hightown season 2 finale - Charmaine escapes

UGH! I knew that was going to happen. She could have put in her tampon in the car like one does when necessary! Jackie, you really messed this up.

Later Jackie and Leslie get reprimanded at work and Leslie officially wants a new partner.

Hightown season 2 finale - I will be requesting a new partner

They completely blew it, but there are only two routes off and on the Cape, they should be able to find Charmaine. Now I’m seeing the future and it has Jackie going down a spiral. It starts with her punching things in the locker room.

That night Jackie goes to her old fish police partner Ed’s retirement party. She tells Ed she wants to go back to the days with him on the boat. I’m sure he’s thinking, “I’m retired and going to spend my days chilling in P-Town not dealing with your drama, Jackie.” but he just says something about not being able to go home again. Then Ron cuts in and tells Jackie she owes him a drink. Oh shit. I’m thinking maybe she can buy him a drink and not drink with him.

Ron gets a shot and the bartender asks her what she wants.

Hightown - So...what do you want?

Jackie looking at the bottles deciding what to do felt like an eternity. I kept hoping she’d say, “A Coke.” but they cut away before she answered.

Then we have a Cape Cod Christmas montage where Frankie gets stabbed in jail, Charmaine catches a ride with a nice lady, Ray, Renee and Frankie Jr are a happy little family in Ray’s gross basement and Jackie drives up onto the sidewalk. Looks like she didn’t get a Coke.

In a very bleak state, Jackie calls Ray for help. She says she fucked up, she’s sitting outside “the house” and wants Ray to tell her what to do.

Hightown - Go inside

Ray thinks he’s telling her to go inside HER HOUSE and go to sleep, but I know “inside” meant something else.

Jackie walks up to the door and I’m scared it’s Leslie’s house or something. She knocks and the creepy drug dealer answers. UGH. I don’t want to Gif or quote their dialogue because it’s too horrible, but he’s is absolutely gross and Jackie goes in.

And that is the depressing as Hell end of the Hightown season 2 finale.

I’m so mad. Almost everyone (Frankie aside) got a happy-ish ending except Jackie. Even Osito wound up with his Physical Therapist! And I didn’t get equal queer compensation for having to sit through a Ray sex scene.

I know the show reaches for Jackie falling off the wagon whenever her character faces adversity, but why on Earth would she go to that drug dealer’s house, and as implied, need to trade sex for drugs? Jackie has a job and the show has well established she can buy drugs in P-Town!

I wasn’t expecting Jackie and Leslie to live happily ever after but I didn’t see this level of tragedy porn coming.

I’m pissed at you, Hightown! If there is a season three Jackie needs a serious redemption arc.

This week: The only show I have on my watch list next week is Yellowjackets. If it’s as much of a bummer as last week I may take next Monday off.

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  • Another show doing the lesbian sleeping with a man for the hetrosexuals an that is why all man thank can turn a lesbian straight

    • The show has a lot of unrealistic straight cis male fantasies. Like a lesbian will spoon and make out with you as long as you don’t do “dick stuff,” sex workers will fall in love with you and Osito wound up with his PT after she explicitly said she doesn’t get involved with inmates.

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