What I’m Thankful For (on TV) in 2021

What I’m Thankful For (on TV) in 2021

This TV season, as we settle in to hide with queer TV and avoid awkward conversations with family, I have some shows I’m thankful for.

Disney Channel (and Disney+)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still cranky about how Disney’s been treating The Owl House, but Disney’s hit 17 shows across their series with queers, and right now they have both Amphibia and The Ghost and Molly McGee as animated shows with a quietly supportive LGBTQ+ storylines. Disney drags its heels, but they’re finally, FINALLY, catching on. The kids are gonna be alright.

The Legend of Vox Machina

I know this isn’t out yet, but as I’ve been deeply enjoying the new campaign of Critical Role (the D&D game the series is based on, that airs weekly on Twitch) I wanted to give them a shout out here because their show will hit in 2022, as an animated show on Amazon Prime. So. Go watch that.

Hallmark and Lifetime Movies

Whaaaaa? But yes! We had Ali Liebert in Every Time a Bell Rings (Hallmark) and we’ll get Elise Bauman in Under the Christmas Tree (Lifetime). Both are openly queer ladies, both playing openly queer characters, and since it’s a Christmas movie, I feel like I can say this with certainty… Both will get the girl. Sure, it’s just two movies, and Ali’s sadly one of three lead characters, but this is how we start. We ease into the hearts and living rooms of everyone with some Pumpkin’ Spice Queer– I mean cheer!


The last season of this bizarre and just plain weird mock-bio of Emily Dickinson is both light and fluffy and then not at all. Balancing absurdist humour and modern music with a dark history in a bleak time is difficult, but I never once doubt that Emily is all in on being the artist she truly is.


It’s not just that Renee is back, but that certainly helps. Batwoman remains the gayest show on the CW by having more and more and more queers thrown at us every season.

Okay, fine, it’s mostly because I’m ecstatic that Victoria Cartagena is back. You happy?

What are you looking forward for this holiday season? What are going to binge? Will you try and sneak in a queer holiday movie with the family?

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