2023 Queer TV Predictions from Team LezWatchTV

2023 Queer TV Predictions

Hello and welcome to the fifth annual LezWatchTV senior staff’s New Year’s Eve predictions! We are officially making our 2023 Queer TV Predictions and seeing how we did with 2022.

Another Year, Another Baby Step Towards “Normalcy”

In 2022 we got back to some post-height-of-the-pandemic firsts. First in-person events, first in-person cons and seeing friends IRL for the first time. I personally hope to get to a convention — I miss my queer TV-loving people! Now, on to 2023 Queer TV Predictions.

Our 2023 Queer TV Predictions and 2022 Analysis

Mika Epstein, Co-Founder / Co-Editor in Chief

Mika’s 2022 Queer TV Predictions

  • Superhero shows will peak. We’ve had a lot of them, and we’re hitting saturation there. Sadly this is where a number of queers are from, which may slow things down.
  • More shows will take place in isolated locations. Due to COVID, one way to limit costs will be to just not have as many background characters needed. This means more queers will be solo on a show, which has already been a problem.
  • Trans and PoC representation will take a dip, following the end of Pose, but will swing back up over the year.
  • Reboots, Sequels, and Revivals will continue to make the majority of ‘new’ shows.

Mika’s 2022 Prediction Commentary

Last year I got a lot right, but I’m exceptionally annoyed that my thought about superhero shows peaking was right in the way it was. I didn’t think the CW would gut itself like that, and I’m still angry about it. There weren’t as many reboots/sequels/revivals as I would have thought, but a lot are reusing existing IPs (WitcherQuantum Leap, Willow) so the idea is what I was thinking.

Mika’s 2023 Queer TV Predictions

  • Streaming shows will show up on linear TV. I think we’ll see Disney using Freeform a little aggressively like that. That’s a great way to get casual eyes on stories, and while it’s all to suck people into their streamers, it will also net positive as much more streaming skews queer.
  • The decline of the value of linear TV is going to continue. At least until they’re ready to take risks. No signs of that yet.
  • Casual queers are on the rise. Not as a queer of the week, but as a person who just happens to be.
  • Streaming is the next place for cancellations. Netflix’s culling is a prime example. We have too many streamers and too little time.
  • Monopoly is the name of the game. We’re going to see more mergers and, sadly, that will lead to the cutting of ‘low rated’ shows. Peacock is certainly something to watch out for in that it’s struggling.
  • With the implosion of a lot of social media making it harder to get eyes on new works, I think indie streamers may move to a Patreon type structure, at the least to raise money since the Bug Guys won’t take a chance.
Tracy Levesque, Co-Founder / Co-Editor in Chief

Tracy’s 2022 Queer TV Predictions

  • The Wilds will NOT turn into Dude Island in season two. The show will remain primarily focused on the girls. Again, more wishful predicting.
  • The L Word: Generation Q will be renewed for a third season and this time something will happen between Bette and Tina.
  • On Station 19 Carina’s attempt to conceive will be the most realistic portrayal of queer parenthood Shondaland has ever done.
  • Our favorite wee lesbian Clare will get a girlfriend on the final season of Derry Girls.

Tracy’s 2022 Prediction Commentary

Wow, my wishful predicting did nothing for The Wilds. Not only did it turn into Dude Island, it was Toxic Dude Island. No thank you. I was right about The L Word: Generation Q getting renewed AND Bette and Tina! I don’t have the energy to comment on Carina and Wee Lesbian Claire didn’t get a girlfriend, but she did kiss a cute girl on Derry Girls.

Tracy’s 2023 Queer TV Predictions

  • Based on positive comments made by Chris McCarthy, President/CEO, Showtime and Paramount Media Networks, The L Word: Generation Q will get a season four and maybe more!
  • Grown up Van and Grown up Taissa will rekindle their relationship on Yellowjackets season two.
  • Carina will get back on track after Bishop gets her shit together and goes to therapy on Station 19.
  • And finally, my wishful prediction: A League of Their Own will get a season two.
Nikki T, Staff Writer

Nikki’s 2022 Queer TV Predictions

  • Beatrice will get a girlfriend in the new season of Warrior Nun. She deserves it. We deserve it.
  • New Luimelia content will come out in 2022.
  • I am going to fight against every queer TV fan instinct that I have and say that Bradley and Laura will stay together through the next season on The Morning Show. Do I believe this? Maybe not. But maybe the power of positive thinking will help me on this one.
  • While we are on the positive thinking train, I am also going to predict that Eve and Villanelle will kiss again in the final season of Killing Eve.

Nikki’s 2022 Prediction Commentary

I really hurt my own feelings this time, didn’t I? Beatrice got a girlfriend… but then Warrior Nun got cancelled. Eve and Villanelle kissed in the finale… but then something bad happened (that I refuse to fully acknowledge). I guess Murder Girlfriends just weren’t allowed happy endings this year.

But, to be positive, Warrior Nun was really a pleasant surprise for me. I didn’t let myself ship Avatrice when season 1 came out because I’m a queer TV scrooge and never believe we will actually get the things we want. But this time, we did! If only temporarily.

We have to wait and see on The Morning Show and Luimelia seems to be put to rest for now (but that doesn’t stop me from constantly re-watching their scenes from Amar Es Para Siempre)

Nikki’s 2023 Queer TV Predictions

  • I’m going to continue my hope that Bradley and Laura will still be together when The Morning Show returns.
  • A randomly specific Yellowjackets prediction – Taissa will reveal her connection to the cult next season and it will somehow be tied to her relationship with Van.
  • Out of pure desperation, I am going to try and manifest the renewal of A League of Their Own. They will start filming season 2 next year and we will get great BTS content.
  • Who would I even be if I didn’t mention the upcoming Orphan Black spin-off? I predict that the lead character of Orphan Black: Echoes, played by Krysten Ritter, will be queer.

My IRL Hopes for 2023

Watching one beloved queer-led show after another get cancelled is disheartening. But elsewhere, queer characters are being included and given equal screen-time to their straight counterparts. I hope this continues to happen and we will find new characters to fall in love with.

As of today the LWTV Slack Community (join us) has 193 members! The site and community we have built brings me joy every day. When I see someone tweet about the site and say it’s helped them find shows to watch I feel like we’re succeeding in our mission. I am so grateful for our editorial team who tirelessly adds to and refines the data in our database and all of the folks from the internet who submitted additions and corrections. It’s truly a community effort!


Goodbye, 2022. Hello, 2023! Stay safe, be well, and as always, watch lots of queer TV to see if our 2023 Queer TV Predictions come true.

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