2021 Queer TV Predictions from Team LezWatchTV

2021 Queer TV Predictions

For the third year in a row, the LezWatchTV staff put together 2021 Queer TV Predictions and revisited our 2020 predictions to see how well poorly we did.

Wow, What a Year

Who knew when we put our 2020 predictions together a year ago a deadly global pandemic was in our future. Our hearts go out to everyone who has been devastatingly affected by COVID. With vaccines here and a regime change (for folks in the US) in the near future, I am feeling optimistic for the first time since March. TV has always been a comfort and escape for me in hard times — this year more than ever.

Our 2021 Queer TV Predictions and 2020 Analysis

Mika Epstein, Co-Founder / Co-Editor in Chief

Mika’s 2020 Predictions

Mika’s 2020 Prediction Commentary

In my defence, COVID causing a premature shutdown to … everything (and more or less why my beloved ODAAT is canceled), made the numbers weird. However! Mainstream has been inching along with more queer characters and we’ve had more trans actors playing non-trans parts. Charmed is a TBD though it looks like we’re getting a non-binary character.


Mika’s 2021 Queer TV Predictions

  • Batwoman will bounce back, with Javicia Leslie bringing new life into the fun show.
  • Queer death will remain higher than the average (8 per year) but on par with the trend line (predicting 25 per year). That is significantly lower than the bloodbath of 2016 (45 characters).
  • Speaking of that, there are going to be a lot of cancellations in 2021 as the fallout from COVID.
  • All reboot shows (like Head of the Class) will include at least one queer regular from now on.
  • The CW will hold true to every show on their network having a queer regular. Yes. Every show on CW.
Tracy Levesque, Co-Founder / Co-Editor in Chief

Tracy’s 2020 Predictions

This was my full 2020 list:

  • We’ll see one or more original L Word characters make appearances on The L Word: Generation Q.
  • Sara and Ava will have some kind of major relationship-leveling up event (moving in together, marriage or please not a baby) on Legends of Tomorrow.
  • The rest of Crisis on Infinite Earths will continue to disappoint us with very little queer content.
  • We won’t get any bad-ass Thundergrace using powers together scenes on Black Lightning this season.
  • Cazzie will go through ups and downs on Atypical season 4, but they will remain together and happy overall (I know the show hasn’t gotten renewed yet — this is wishful predicting).

Tracy’s 2020 Prediction Commentary

I got 2 correct. TINA! appeared on two episodes of The L Word Generation Q in January 2020. Crisis had no queer content, and in my opinion, was the least fun Arrowverse crossover ever.

Fortunately, I was wrong about Thundergrace, BUT Black Lightning got canceled which is devastating. It will start airing its fourth and final season in February. Just when Thundergrace gets to the point of ass-kicking girlfriend superheroes the show ends, UGH! I was generally disappointed with the level of Avalance content on Legends last season. In previous seasons we got so many great moments but in 2020, aside from a “babe” here and there, we didn’t get much. Now that they’re in a long-term relationship I hope the writers don’t stick them in a romance-less rut.

This leaves Cazzie. I am scared for Atypical, y’all. So many shows got renewed then got canceled because of COVID. I really hope Atypical season 4 goes into production. After essential workers and high-risk folks get the vaccine can we send a round to the cast and crew?

Tracy’s 2021 Queer TV Predictions

  • We’ll meet Tina’s girlfriend Carrie on The L Word Generation Q. Bette and Tina will still have OTP chemistry together, but nothing will actually happen between the two of them this season.
  • The Wilds will NOT turn into Dude Island in season two. The show will remain primarily focused on the girls.
  • By the end of 2021, TV production will be back to pre-COVID levels, but there will still be some cancelation casualties.
  • Debbie and Sandy will end up together on the Shameless series finale.
  • Cazzie will go through ups and downs on Atypical season 4, but they will remain together and happy overall (Again, wishful predicting! It worked last year, right?).
Nikki T, Staff Writer

Nikki’s 2020 Predictions

Nikki’s 2020 Prediction Commentary

I seem to be getting worse at this game as each year goes by. I got 0 out of 4 this year but I do think I would have finally gotten WayHaught right if COVID-19 didn’t happen. I’m still disappointed that Charlie in LoT never fully identified as queer but, in good news, Emma and Nico got a happier ending than expected!


Nikki’s 2021 Queer TV Predictions

  • This is the third year that I am saying this, but I believe that 2021 will finally bring the WayHaught wedding that we have all been waiting for and it will be perfect. And Nicole will be in a suit.
  • Ryan Wilder is going to take Kate’s girl on Batwoman.
  • The Sophie/Dani/Finley love triangle in The L Word: Generation Q is going to blow up in everyone’s faces. Sophie and Dani will break up and Dani will at least attempt to get with Bette. (Bold prediction, I know.)
  • Alex and Kelly will get engaged on Supergirl. Alex will get everything she has ever wanted and we will all cry happy tears.

My IRL Hopes for 2021

Like everyone else in the world, my biggest hope is for the pandemic to end in 2021. It will take a long time for life to be “normal” but I hope folks can go back to their jobs and we can travel and see each other at conventions again.

The growing LezWatch community brought me so much joy in 2020. As of today, we have 131 members in our Slack account! Chatting and obsessing over queer TV with fans from all over the world has provided a level of connection I haven’t been able to get in other ways this year. We had two group watches: Happiest Season and The Prom. It was so much fun to laugh and snark my way through those movies with other LezWatchers.


Goodbye, 2020. Hello, 2021! Stay safe, wear a mask, and as always, watch lots of queer TV to see if our 2021 Queer TV Predictions come to fruition.

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