Queer Beats – January 7, 2022

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Happy New Years, queers! Welcome back to Queer Beats, your weekly one-stop shop for queer television news. This week, Batwoman got renewed, Dickinson said goodbye, and we are mentally preparing for a new season of Euphoria.


HOORAY! Batwoman was renewed for another season!

We also got our first look at Bridget Regan as Poison Ivy.

Meanwhile, while we are waiting for more episodes, we can just watch this video of all our faves dancing.

Derry Girls

Another step closer to the next season of Derry Girls!


I’m still in denial that Dickinson ended, so how about we all look at this pretty picture of Ella instead?

Okay, I guess I can’t live in the time-traveling gazebo forever. Here are some of the goodbye posts from the cast:


The trailer for Euphoria season two has been released!

If you decide not to watch it, this is really the most important moment:

I have a complicated relationship with this show. It often feels a bit trauma-obsessed to me. But if you’re into that, don’t worry, it will be continuing! πŸ™ƒ

Legends of Tomorrow

Interesting sneak peek at the new year with the Legends…

Motherland: Fort Salem

If you had noticed that Taylor Hickson was absent from social media, you aren’t alone. She posted this message yesterday but, luckily, she is okay.

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