The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – January 17, 2022

Queerest Things - Renee and Pam

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, Batwoman is back from hiatus with the debut of Poison Ivy and Renee and Pam’s backstory.

Warning: This post contains spoilers!
Batwoman – Season 3 Episode 8 “Trust Destiny” [Live]

Y’all, I haven’t been this excited for a regular Network show to come back from hiatus in a long time. Batwoman delivers the queer goods like no other series, plus I missed seeing Bridget Regan play gay since Jane the Virgin ended.

The episode starts with a flashback to 10 years ago with Renee looking super cute in a cop uniform (I LOVE women in uniform). She and her officer partner are in a standoff with Poison Ivy/Pam. The other cop tells Montoya to shoot her and instead, Renee tries to reason with her.

Batwoman - Renee and Pam flashback

I loved this first look at Bridget Regan as Poison Ivy. She looked as intense and amazing as ever.

Poison Ivy stabs the dude cop with an ivy branch and then slinks back into the woods.

Renee’s cop partner lost a kidney from that ivy stabbing and back at Renee and Pam’s apartment, she has some words for her plant-obsessed girlfriend.

Can we please flashback 10 more years from this point because I want to meet quirky scientist Pam. Also, I feel like I have friends who have become this into plants over the pandemic.

Meanwhile in the present day, Ryan, Sophie and Luke are trying to find Mary who has been paling around with Alice since coming under Poison Ivy’s spell. No longer having access to the Bat Cave since Marquis took the building over, Luke sets up a new home base in Renee’s gross office. Ryan and Renee spend the time arguing over all the shit that has gone down with Sophie playing mediator. This is all happening with Ryan’s undercurrent of resentment (and jealously?) over Sophie dropping the ball with Poison Mary when she was banging Renee.

Batwoman - Renee and Pam arguing

Poor Luke is trapped in a dyke drama tornado.

I am enjoying this so much. I love the constant jokes about how nasty Renee’s office is and all the queer-drama-fueled verbal daggers being thrown around. I’m watching THREE lesbian characters in a scene together on regular network TV and they are not the only queers on the show! It’s a total delight.

Back to the problem at hand, the team has to get Mary back. Renee says they won’t be able to reason with her while she is Poison Mary, just like she was not able to get through to Pam 10 years ago. She explains she got a serum from Batman that deprived Pam of all water and sunlight essentially putting her in a plant coma. If they can find where Pam is hidden, they can extract the serum from her and do the same thing to Mary. Everyone is on board with this plan except for skeptical Ryan. She eventually gives in and they start the search for Pam.

To find Pam they need to get to Bruce Wayne’s journals, but they are in the Bat Cave which is now locked up tight. Ryan finds out Marquis is having a party in the building that night so they devise a plan to crash the party and regain access to the Bat Cave. The party turns out to be a weird mass job interview but the gang successfully gets Marquis’ thumb and retina print so they can enter the Bat Cave.

And now starts the world’s most awkward gay elevator ride.

Best scene ever.

LezWatch Slack Community member Margx made this chart.

Previously on Gotham's lesbians


They survive the elevator and make it to the Bat Cave. While looking through Bruce’s journals, Renee has another flashback.

Right after this scene, Renee stabs Pam with a thing that looks like a giant EpiPen and injects her with the serum.

Back in the now, Ryan figures out Pam is being kept somewhere in the Bat Cave itself! Ryan as Batwoman is able to use super-hearing to isolate Pam’s heartbeat and pinpoint her location in the tunnels. When they find Pam she’s not looking good after 10 years of forced dormancy.

Batwoman - Finding Pam

Ryan’s like, “Tell me she had a charming personality.” Nice.

Seeing how Pam looks now, Ryan is even more hesitant to do the same thing to Mary. Renee says it’s what has to be done and Sophie sees no other way to stop her. Ryan sucks some serum out of Pam then runs back up to find Mary who arrived at the party. Sophie realizes the fraud alert ping she got on her phone is Alice so she runs off to find her. This leaves Renee all alone in the tunnels to monitor her ex-girlfriend. Probably not a good idea.

When Sophie arrives at the hotel Alice and Mary have been staying at, Alice tells her Renee has been lying to them this whole time and to check her desk drawer. Back in Gotham, Batwoman finds Mary on the roof but before she can inject her, Marquis appears with a gun held to Luke’s head. She makes the decision to save Luke by stabbing Marquis with the anti-plant serum EpiPen and Mary gets away.

Down in the tunnels, Renee is talking to her dehydrated ex-girlfriend.

Uh oh, Renee’s kiss woke Pam up. Dial the dyke drama up to 11!

So remember how Renee was blackmailing Ryan until she found all of the Bat artifacts throughout the city? Well, she couldn’t have found them all, because Sophie looked in Renee’s desk drawer and found the Joker’s buzzer.

Batwoman - Renee lied

Renee lied to and used the entire Bat team to help her find Pam.

WOW, that was an episode of television! I can’t wait to see what happens now that Renee and Pam are reunited. I’ll have my popcorn ready.

This week: The only thing I really care about is Batwoman.

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    It has a main lesbian character (Anna Friel), who is married to a woman and they have a kid. The series is a supernatural-psychological thriller with a very good twist at the end.
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