The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – February 7, 2022

Queerest Things - Wildmoore became official

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, despite the efforts of television’s most homophobic thin leather belt, Wildmoore became official last week!

Warning: This post contains spoilers!
Batwoman – Season 3 Episode 11 “Broken Toys” [Live]

I was sad living in a post-Pam/Renee Batworld, but excited to see more Wildmoore content so I hung on to my seat while the show pivoted to Ryan’s family drama with Jada Jet and Marquis.

Jada told all of Gotham Batwoman is responsible for the Supervillain weapons sprinkled throughout the city causing the copycat crimewave. Meanwhile, a rehydrated Marquis is on the loose and Team Batwoman needs to try to re-zap him back to his non-villain self. The problem is the Joker’s buzzer is broken. Alice suggests they find the Joker’s original Toymaker, Kiki Roulette.

Team Alice & Mary go to find Kiki and Ryan goes to suit up to look for Marquis, but Sophie wants to do some lesbian processing first.

I have to agree with Ryan here, there are more emergent issues at hand, but maybe that’s just because I don’t like processing.

Luke interrupts to tell them they don’t have to find Marquis, he is on TV right now holding a press conference at the Arkham Asylum. He starts with a statement on how real insanity is not inside Arkham, it’s actually Batwoman running around the city unidentified. He is going to “Restore sanity to Gotham” via a multi-million dollar partnership with the city to improve Arkham. Luke, Sophie and Ryan are like, “Wow, he’s making himself out to be a hero here.” They need to show Gotham Marquis is actually a bad guy and Ryan thinks Jada is holding on to evidence that proves it.

Elsewhere, Mary and Alice find Kiki and she seems to be reformed from her murderous criminal past. After some cajoling by Alice, she reluctantly agrees to fix the Joker’s buzzer and they head off to her creepy repair shop.

Back at Ryan and Mary’s apartment, Luke tells Sophie he wants to break into Wayne Tower and take back his dad’s stolen AI. Sophie wants to help but Luke says no because he doesn’t want to be responsible for putting whatever Sophie is to Ryan in danger.

Batwoman Wildmoore became official - We kissed it's not important

Not only did Ryan blow Sophie off, but she’s also asked her to lay low which isn’t fair because she is the only one on the team with official combat and weapons training. Luke’s then like, “Good point, okay you should go with me.”

Over at Jeturian Industries, Ryan pays a visit to her mom. Jada does indeed have video evidence of Marquis’ criminal activity and Ryan pleads with her to turn in the video and stop protecting him. Suddenly Victor Zsasz, one of the Arkham criminals let out on Marquis’ new Arkham work-release program, comes in with a gun. He’s there to destroy the video (which he does) and kill Jada. Marquis also wanted Batwoman to see the murder so Zsasz lit up the Bat-signal and she has one hour to get there. After the hour is up sans Batwoman, Ryan kicks Zsasz’s ass and Jada figures out why Batwoman didn’t show up.

Over at Wayne Tower, Sophie and Luke are on the mission to get Luke’s dad’s AI back. And as always, Sophie is doing more processing.

“Pretty sure I know your type” made me laugh.

They were able to grab the AI but decided to multi-task by also hacking into Marquis’ laptop. There they discovered his plan to create an evil squad of Arkham inmates, including Kiki the toymaker!

Sophie calls Ryan to tell her the news and get some more digs in.

Batwoman Wildmoore became official - I told you to lay low

Yes, Sophie, fight about it later! Alice and Mary are unknowingly trapped with one of Marquis’ teammates.

Back at the World’s Creepiest Toy Workshop, Kiki got the buzzer working, but only for one more zap. Oh, and she’s still a bad guy, the whole “reformed” thing was just an act. Also in trouble now are Sophie and Luke as Marquis and his gang walk in on them reading Marquis’ laptop. The whole Bat Team is in trouble, but parallel fight scenes break out and everyone gets free, but Kiki takes off with the buzzer.

Later, Ryan/Batwoman meets with Jada to tell her the bad news about the buzzer. After Zsasz’s forced mother/daughter talk therapy session back at Jeturian, Jada had more to talk about. She f*cked up at being her mother and she put up a wall to protect herself.

Batwoman - I put up a wall

Hmmm, whatever could this be a metaphor for in Ryan’s life? 🤔

At the end of the day, Ryan has asked Sophie to meet up with her at the Gotham gay bar. Sophie shows up and it’s empty. Is business okay? Is the bar still running? Anyway, Ryan finally has the time and mental space to talk.

Amazing and perfect! Congratulations, Wildmoore fandom!

However, what was up with that belt? Shouldn’t Batwoman be able to undo a thin leather belt in 2 seconds? I love how Sophie let her try then was like, “That’s cute, I’ll take it from here” and flipped her over. I guess all that formal combat and tactical training makes her a better top.

Before I go, 2 things.

1. This tweet was hilarious.

2. Do you all remember Sophie saying this almost a year ago?

We all knew Jordan was right with what she saw.

This week: Now that we’re on a 2-week Batwoman break, I should talk about all the other queer things I’ve been watching next week.

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