300 Dead

November 17, 2017 user-circle Mika Epstein

We’ve crossed a threshold no one was happy to see.

Sense8 To Get A Wrap Up Special!

June 29, 2017 user-circle Mika Epstein

Against all odds, we get a wrap-up two hour special in 2018!

The Bewhildering World of Yuri Anime

April 22, 2017 user-circle Mika Epstein

The landscape of anime has changed for the better in the last few decades.

Catherine Russell Loves Her Berena Fans

March 10, 2017 user-circle Mika Epstein

Adults in love and an actor who loves her fans. It’s really most of what we want.

Happy Sanvers Valentines!

February 13, 2017 user-circle Mika Epstein

A sweet, sweet day for Alex and Maggie.

Rome 2012 Christmas lights. Photo: AFP/Getty Images

A Merry Queermass

December 24, 2016 user-circle Mika Epstein

Seasons Greetings and a Happy Queer Year.

Alex’s Awkward Admission

November 16, 2016 user-circle Mika Epstein

My heart breaks for my tiny super cinnamon rolls.

Alex Danvers: Delayed Born Lesbian

November 8, 2016 user-circle Mika Epstein

It finally happened. The CW introduced a lesbian in a way that didn’t make us all wince. And they did it twice.

Carmilla: The End

October 14, 2016 user-circle Mika Epstein

Carmilla is over but it has yet to begin again. What will you sacrifice?

Farewell AfterEllen

September 20, 2016 user-circle Mika Epstein

Another queer resource is saying goodbye.

The 2016-17 Season Starts Soon

September 16, 2016 user-circle Mika Epstein

It’s nearly time for US TV to start killing off more people. Are you ready?

The cast finding out they get season 2!

Wynonna Earp – Season Two and More Gay

August 9, 2016 user-circle Mika Epstein

Other shows kill off their guest stars. Wynonna Earp invites them to ComicCon and makes a fan blog for them. Oh, and gets a second season.