Happy Sanvers Valentines!

Happy Sanvers Valentines!

Edit: Apparently the Valentine’s Day episode airs the week after. This week, Maggie meets ‘the gang’ …?

In tonight’s next week’s Valentine’s Day episode of Supergirl, expect a very special Sanvers day.

Alex’s coming out has been inspirational to a great many people. Chyler Leigh has been devoted to doing this right by everyone, because she feels strongly that this is a story that needed to be told. Getting to see an adult who had no secret life, but just hadn’t realized she was queer, go through the story is something network TV really hasn’t done before. Thankfully, the show cast and crew are very aware of it.

Thus far, I’ve found both Alex and Maggie to be played nearly note perfect. The characters are who they are and while Alex is stumbling along the way to her solutions in herself, Maggie is listening and communicating.

But I can’t lie. I’m pretty stoked about a queer valentines!

From EW:

Here’s what we know: Alex (Chyler Leigh) is super excited for her first Valentine’s Day with a girlfriend, but Maggie (Floriana Lima) is not keen on the Hallmark holiday, which leads to their first real fight. But Maggie will make it up to Alex by recreating a special night — note the corsage on her arm!

There isn’t a whole lot more information at this point, but the episode will air today! February 13th! next week. Here’s hoping they can just drop the really boring Mon-El/Kara plot line. I’ve taken to calling him Mayonnaise.

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