Sense8 To Get A Wrap Up Special!

Sense8 To Get A Wrap Up Special!

If there’s anything we should learn from Sense8 it’s that’s we’re not alone and we should never give up.

Sense8 was tragically canceled on June 1st, and we roared. We cried. We carried signs:

And we mourned the loss of the most diverse queer show on television. And then a miracle happened:

We Get A Movie!

Oh fine, we get a two hour finale episode, where we (hopefully) save Wolfgang and get to see Nominta get married. And you may notice, Lana said “you NEVER know”

What does that mean?

Well, my fellow Sensates, that means we need to make ourselves heard! Watch Sense8 over and over. Leave it on repeat in the background while you mop. But watch it. Get others to watch it. Change those numbers from ‘meh’ to ‘wow!’

But even more, talk about this show. I firmly believe that the reason the numbers are so low is that people don’t know about it. When the Lezwatch Cluster was in Paris, we saw billboards all over the subway systems for Orange is the New Black. I’ve never seen one for Sense8. And I know, having seen it happen over and over, that a show you don’t advertise doesn’t get seen.

Be Loud, Sensates

Get on your social medias and tell your Cluster to watch this show.

Tell your friends why you love it. Tell them how watching people become who they are and struggle through learning they’re more than what anyone thought, tugs your heart. Talk about how Nomi and Amanita are a love story for the ages. Explain that love is more than who you were born to, and this show captures that perfectly.

But get up. Tell them. Talk about this show. Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, whatever you want. Smoke signals, if that’s what it takes. But get them watching. Get them looking at this weird, wonderful, amazing, show.

And remember. You never know.

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