A Merry Queermass

A Merry Queermass

It’s Hanukkah and Christmas Eve so why not a little good cheer?

Streaming Soon

Sense8 dropped a Christmas special, and we finally learned Amanita’s last name! Caplan. The show comes back for real next month. The show is absolutely mind blowing, and why I got Netflix at all.

Degrassi: Next Class is also back next month, and we find out how baby lesbian Zoë handles her self-harm as she tries not to be gay. Also there was that massive bus crash, so let’s hope Tristan was okay!

If you missed Gilmore Girl’s Thanksgiving miniseries, Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life, I’m happy to tell you the show finally makes the cut here … with background lesbians. It’s really sad that such an amazing show always falls flat with the gay, but at least Michel came out and married his boyfriend. Maybe if it gets a pickup, we’ll get to see the ladies.

We also get CBS’s online show The Good Fight, which stars a lesbian. I don’t know about you, but that boggles my mind.

Coming Soon on Cable

Supergirl‘s winter hiatus will end with the Kevin Smith directed “Supergirl Lives” episode. That title is hilarious to comic geeks, who know Smith worked on the ill fated movie, Superman Lives. But tension between Lena Luthor and Kara aside, the question is more about Maggie Sawyer and Alex Danvers than anything else. Rest your worries, friends. They’re going to be okay:

Anything regarding Sanvers in 2B of Supergirl? — Ellen

Though there are a few bumps in the road ahead, Supergirl is truly investing in the Alex and Maggie dynamic. “The important thing is that we’re committed to this relationship and we’re committed to seeing it grow, change, blossom, and struggle, but also get stronger, deeper and more loving as we go forward,” EP Andrew Kreisberg says. “I don’t think people need to worry that suddenly this relationship is going to go by the wayside. It’s going to have it’s ups and downs, but we’re committed to Alex and Maggie — we’re as committed to Alex and Maggie as the audience is.”

Source: EW

That also means Legends of Tomorrow will be back soon, with time traveling bisexual Sara Lance. The Flash is still short a regular lesbian but the recent crossover got them added to the site.

Shondaland’s multiple series will all be back soon enough, so watch out for disaster for everyone on Grey’s Anatomy (yes it’s still on) and How To Get Away With Murder.

Getting Grinched

On to some annoying news. Murdoch Mysteries doesn’t have lesbians (for real) until season 8, which still isn’t on Netflix. You’ll need Acorn or DVDs for that.

Also while the ending of Person of Interest was left a little ambiguous (Root may not be dead after all), the odds of the show being picked up are slim to none. Then again, Gilmore Girls did happen so …

Call the Midwife will be back for a Christmas Special, but it takes place in Africa, and the lesbians stay home. You’ll have to resort to fanfic for what they’re up to over the break.

Seasons Greetings and a Happy Queer Year

What shows are you looking forward to in 2017?

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