Carmilla: The End

Carmilla: The End

I know, I know! There’s a movie! Chill!

The end of season three for Carmilla went up on October 13th and like most creampuffs, I binged the last 12 episodes. They’re only about 7 minutes each.

There will be mild spoilers, so if you don’t want them, come back later.

Carmilla Season 3 Poster by PapurrCat
By PapurrCat

It’s interesting how knowing that there’s a movie, I was still shocked when Laura died. It was just a shock of “Wait WHAT!?” and a good show of acting. It’s always great when a show can suspend you in their reality long enough that you forget what you know in the real-world. And getting that preview of the movie at the end was the cream puff icing on the cake.

How appropriate was it that Laura saved the world with a hug?

Carmilla’s a human now, which I’m okay with. I get that she got her mortality back and ‘won’ Laura back. It was quite Gift of the Magi to give up what they both wanted to save the other, and while Laura remained Laura, Carmilla really grew and totally deserved that happy ending.

I did find it odd that LaF and Perry ran off like they did at the end, but when I rewatched it, it was pretty clear that Perry was trying to cope and be Perry, and LaF was short an eye, so I’ll give her a pass. Also if the useless vampire was about to start mourning the death of the tiny gay creampuff, I’d get out of dodge. Fast.

And then there’s Kirsch… I don’t even know what to do with Kirsch. He just … Yeah. And Danny? What was up with her running off like that. Is she still alive (dead) out there? We don’t know. Maybe she’ll be back in the movie.

I am really excited about the movie by the way.

If you haven’t watched Carmilla yet, it’s all up online. Start with the Season One playlist.

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