Alex’s Awkward Admission

Alex’s Awkward Admission

Last week, Alex Danvers confessed to herself that she might be, y’know.

This week she came out. Like out out. Like the words ‘gay’ were said. Like mistakes were made.

Let’s be honest, folks. Last week sucked. It had this epic start and then it became the absolute worst it could have been. Things are terrible and tense and painful. But Monday night reminds us it’s not an S, it means hope. And it’s gay hope.

Not being able to say that you’re gay is something a lot of young queers struggle with. It’s hard to admit the words that change you forever. And Chyler Leigh, she handled it all. The awkward coming out to family, the anger and frustration, and that oh so disastrous kiss. I spent most of the episode going “Kara, my sweet dumb alien!” and “Alex, my poor cinnamon roll!” The show is called Supergirl, but this was super-queer as well.

So in the darkness of all this, a little light shines.

I can’t recap anywhere near as well as Punky Starshine (Valerie Anne)

So Alex invites Kara to take a walk by the river, and Kara knows something’s up, but Alex is dancing around the words. Finally Alex decides to talk about Maggie instead. It’s easier that way. So she tells Kara that she has…feelings…for Maggie.

She can’t really look directly at her sister while she says it. And Kara isn’t exactly jumping up and down about it; in fact, she has questions. Has she always felt this way? Has she ever been with girls before? Alex says no she’s never been with a girl, but maybe she has always felt this way. And then she talks about the truest thing, something that every single queer person I have ever talked to has been able to relate to: She’s seeing certain things from her past in a new light. That best friend she had in high school who she pushed away after a few too many confusing sleepovers? The Pink Ranger trading card she used to kiss goodnight before bed every night? (Oh was that one just me?) Maybe these feelings have been there all along, she just never realized what they meant.

No, not just you.

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