Babs Comes Out

Babs Comes Out

Gotham’s been a bit of a slow burn show. It’s a good show, but not a great show, and I’m torn because I love the Bats and I love Renee, but I feel like I’m watching the last Batwoman comics, and they actually chased me away with their trite shit.

So to recap real fast, in episode 3 Renee busts in on Barbara Kean, who’s pretty well baked for 10am on a weekday (in my next life can I be that wealthy?) and there’s sexual tension out the wazoo with those two. I mean, I know in cannon Babs and Jim have to have kids so that one can become Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl, but there’s already a disconnect here since Renee and Barbara Jr. are supposed to be roughly the same age… So hey, maybe Kean will be Batwoman instead of Kate Kane? God knows it’s confusing, and they can’t just kill a Flash and reboot the universe because The Flash is on the CW.

Anyway. There’s this other idea that Barbara Gordon is actually Jim’s niece, and I do hope we go that way because that leaves us open to this world where Renee and Barbara Kean get back together. Because Jim? Was a total ass about her coming out and got dumped. She has way more chemistry with Renee, too.

It was a pretty realistic reaction, not just because he was mad that she slept with a coworker of his, but also that it was a woman and that does change the heteronormative reactions of people. I wonder if he’d have the same reaction if Barbara had said she used to date Crispus (Renee’s partner).

Congrats, Barbara, you get your own page in the database now that your confirmed!

Extra credit? Victoria Cartagena is pro-Question!

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