Lesbians Die or Move to Another Country

Lesbians Die or Move to Another Country

Damn it, Rookie Blue, how did you take such a great lesbian season four and dash it all to pieces on season five?

In Rookie Blue‘s rather ‘explosive’ finale, we finally got some closure on the Golly Relationship. After 5.07, they were very much broken up (unless “I’m seeing someone” is code for “I’m just trying to see how committed you are to us…”) and Gail was moving forward with, of all things, adopting the girl we met in 5.04, Sophie.

As she’s working through that process, Holly shows up at the Division and pretty much attacks Gail with her lips. It’s an interesting makeout scene in an interrogation room (scene of their first real kiss) but very strange to just have Holly so giddy and bouncy and eager to lip-lock Gail again. It felt wildly out of character to just have them jump back into that, even though Holly confessed to her ‘someone else’ dumping her because she wasn’t over Gail. Fair enough.

But that starts to lose points when, in the second half of the episode, Gail and Holly have a quite tête-à-tête in the locker room and reveal that they’re adopting (Gail) and moving to San Francisco (Holly). Both want the other to be ‘with’ them through whatever this becomes, and it’s a serious WTF moment?

Season five was incredibly uneven when it came to the Gail/Holly relationship. Season four was wonderful and made perfect use of 15 or so minutes of screen time. You could really see this strange friendship morphing into something else. Season five, on the other hand, gave us glimpses into Gail’s life but not enough to explain why she wanted to adopt, and without enough Gail/Holly scenes, the interrogation make-out session felt forced and awkward.

Also who the hell moves to another country in two weeks and actually thinks their ex is going to drop everything and go with them?

  • Realness: 2 out of 5
  • Time On Screen: Less than 3 minutes

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