June ’16 Roundup

June ’16 Roundup

June, Pride Month, has been a little difficult for most of us. There’s nothing we can say to make it better, only that we are still here, and will still be here, keeping track of LGBTQ+ representation on TV.

Since it’s summer, we’ve been running a little slower, but don’t worry. We’ve got massive lists of more things to add!

  • 81 New Characters
  • 29 New Shows

105 Trans Women

We finally made it through Autostraddle’s list of 105 trans women on TV. In adding them, we were struck on a technicality. When adding Gittel, we had a transgender character who was killed for being trans, while being a flashback. Does this count as a “Bury your Queers” moment? After a great deal of thought, yes it does. Had she died of old age, it would not, but as her death was directly related to being transgender, it counts.

In somewhat related choices, trans characters played by trans actors are now flagged as ‘Queer IRL.’

We don’t have a list of trans men on TV, but we did pick out a couple actors we know who are FTM and regularly plan transgendered characters, and added them to the site.

New Site Features

One major change… we swapped clichés and tropes. It was brought to Mika’s attention that “Bury Your Queers” was a trope, so shows now have tropes and characters have clichés. No big.

When we did that, we added in more show statistics, making it easier for you to see how many shows were given the gold star of lesbian awesomeness and how many have trigger warnings.

Finally we added in a flag for shows with trigger warnings. When you look at the show list pages, if there’s a red alert icon, that’s why. The show may be something for you to skip.

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