Bulletproof Vest Your Gays (And Renew Wynonna Earp)

Bulletproof Vest Your Gays (And Renew Wynonna Earp)

The season finale of Wynonna Earp aired when we were on vacation or on a business trip. When I got home, I took a while to watch it since I was exhausted. Even so, I knew that the show had given a big middle finger to that Bury Your Gays trope.

They shot the lesbian, and she was wearing a damned bulletproof vest. She got kissed (again) and then her girlfriend got possessed by evil goo (look, you’re watching a SyFy show).

It’s been a few weeks though and we’ve had no word of renewal.


This is not a perfect show. But much like Buffy was for us in the 90s, Wynonna Earp is giving us a glimpse at a more positive and inclusive show. People are gay, people are straight. They need more people of color, yes they do, but again, this is a start. Let’s get them a season two so they can do more, and do better.

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