Take My Wife – Love, Laughs, Lives

Take My Wife – Love, Laughs, Lives

The title grabbed us.

Cameron Esposito promises ‘no lesbians die’ in new show Take My Wife

Well okay. That’s bold. And sadly different. According to our current stats, 2016 is the third worst year for LGBT female deaths with 21 (2013 has 23, and 2015 is the winner with 27). So a new gold star show gets added to the site

… “If you watch a lot of television and you don’t know what could happen to lesbians if they don’t die, this is a show about that,” Esposito tells EW. “I promise you, no lesbians die in this show.”

The single-camera series follows stars Esposito and Butcher, who wed in December 2015, as a married couple co-hosting a stand-up showcase. “What Rhea and I love about the show is that it’s about a couple that works together, first and foremost,” Esposito says. “We’re both comics, and that is where we wanted to approach the show form, as like a family business.”

Credit: EW “Take My Wife: Cameron Esposito talks new show

Interested? We are! Take My Wife debuts on Seeso August 11th, 2016.

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