Degrassi: Next Class Today!

Degrassi: Next Class Today!

Whatever it takes! I know I’ll watch all of this before I fly out to DC.

The new season of Degrassi: Next Class drops today and I’m super excited about my favorite trashy teen drama.

What happened with Zoë and her crazy mom who doesn’t believe she’s gay? How will Rasha take this? She wasn’t keen on being used as a coming-out leverage, and she’s a refugee. And Tristan woke up from his coma, but will he be as happy to see his boyfriend, Miles, if they find out that Miles knocked up Lola? A fact even Miles doesn’t know! And is Hunter a terrorist? He did bring a gun to school, after all.

Also as with all new seasons at Degrassi High, it’s makeover time, breakup time, and drama time. We’re going to be saying goodbye to Maya (and her descent into angst and madness one hopes…), Zig, and the rest of the senior class. I’m looking forward to the next next class, though, and can’t wait to see who’s new.

After all… who’s going to be the new gays?

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