Fall 2017 Preview – Cable TV

Fall 2017 Preview – Cable TV
Following our surprisingly disappointing reveal on how there’s only one new Network TV show with a new queer female, it’s time to look at cable.

Different Pacing

The biggest difference between network and cable TV is that many cable networks don’t bother with ‘seasons’ in the same way. That means you get a lot of shows, like Orphan Black or The Fosters, who have already finished their seasons (or summer seasons if you’re a Freeform show). What does this mean? There are basically fewer shows to be looking at.

Summer Seasons Concluded

Looking back over the summer of 2017, we had some big moves. Orphan Black concluded its bewildering seasons with some questions answered, others not, and a happy, alive, queer ending for Cosima and Delphine. I’d like to know where Shay wandered off to, but I’m not going to fuss too much. On the not-yet-over front, Wynonna Earp didn’t kill their lesbians either! They came close with Nicole, but of course Waverly risked the entire universe to save her girl. Awwww yeaaaah. There are also some lead ups to next season, hinting at more of a backstory for Nicole. Over on Freeform, The Fosters continues with ramping up the stupid kids and parents who aren’t even in love anymore drama. Callie, of course, caused more damage to the family, New Jesus’s girlfriend made out with his sister (to help Mariana cover for her lack of a boyfriend), which earned them a queer baiting badge. And no, that was not a good thing. On their other pro-gay show, The Bold Type, I am happy to say that while they did get a bit heavy with their finale, they also gave us a too-sweet coming out story with a Muslim lesbian at the center. If you didn’t watch it, please go back because Kat and Adena’s love story was given as much parity with everyone else. Also I may have a crush on their boss, Jaqueline.

Returning Ladies

Thankfully there’s more to look forward to for 2017-18. If you don’t have extended cable, you may not have Starz, which means you may not have ever seen Survivor’s Remorse. It’s billed as a comedy, which I highly disagree with. At best, it’s a dramady, with some incredibly deep topics. The new season started in August and M-Chuck (our lesbian) has some seriously dark stuff to cope with, so you have some catching up to do. The depressing The Walking Dead is still shambling along on AMC, and Tara’s alive. She’s the only surviving lesbian though. Over on Comedy Central, Broad City is finally back (yay!) and offers new guestbians.

Old Show, New Queers

Top of the Lake gets a second season, which is only weird because season one aired in 2013. This season is a new case, and it involves a mom who happens to be a lesbian. The anthology series American Horror Story brings us “Cult” which is about a Michigan lesbian who does not handle Trump as President very well. I think it’s a bit too soon for that one. Curb Your Enthusiasm and Shameless are both bringing in new lesbian characters, and Doctor Who will be back around Christmas to give us the new Doctor. Yes, a woman. Finally. Still not a ginger, though. If you want a ginger, go over to The Librarians, where sexually fluid Cassandra is still happily alive and brilliant.

New Shows?

Yeah. About that. Are there any new cable TV shows with queer females? 2017 is a serious regression year in a lot of ways, and not just the horribly soul sucking and daunting way that weather, politics, and anti-humanitarian ways have been. The majority of TV shows are staring dudes. And not just dudes, white dudes.

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