ICYMI: The Good Fight Was Renewed

ICYMI: The Good Fight Was Renewed

On March 16th, CBS All Access announced it was renewing The Good Fight.

The only downside is that we all still have to pay to watch.

An Imperfect Fight

The show isn’t perfect. It’s not without its serious flaws, like a heavy dose of White Savior Trope. It’s a little too obvious that Christine Baranski’s Diane Lockhart is the hero of the story, and everything is skewed towards that. Which would be fine, except that the show takes place at a black law firm in Chicago.

And of course, where’s Amy? Maya’s girlfriend has been pretty invisible. You’d think we’d see her when Maya’s ex was posting lies about her online, but no, we didn’t. Then again, I have to give credit to the fact that Maya being gay is a non-event. That speaks well of 2017. And the rabid anti-Trump sentiment helps heal my shattered little heart.

That said. As someone who lived 15 years in Chicago, and as someone who’s watched more lawyer shows than I care to admit, the show hits the right notes. Chicago is a beautiful backdrop, and I have to hit pause while I giggle about various locations. It feels like Chicago, and the lawyer scenes are more accurate than anything else out there.

Season Two in 2018

Season two premieres in 2018, provided we don’t all die in nuclear war first.

Like a lot of people, I’ll be canceling my CBS All Access Pass from the time season one is over until then.

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