The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – Dec 18, 2017

The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – Dec 18, 2017

This episode of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week is dedicated to Jo and Chase of Easy, because I love them.

  1. Shameless – Season 8 Episode 8 “Icarus Fell and Rusty Ate Him” [Catch up]
  2. TV’s most dysfunctional triad is back and it’s making Veronica and Kevin question their identities. Kevin is bothered by how much Veronica is enjoying sex with Svetlana and it’s making him think he should give dudes a try.

    Not much happened with Fiona and her lesbian tenants, but we did get to watch Nessa screw a motion sensor into a wall. 😍

    The future vacant church occupant issue is not resolved yet, but it’s creating a lot of conflict between Fiona and Ian.

    Hopefully, this will get resolved this week.

  3. Easy – Season 1 Episode 2 “Vegan Cinderella” [Binge Watch]
  4. My co-worker told me we should add the Netflix show, Easy, to the site so I binge-watched the entire thing last week. Easy is one of those shows where every episode is dedicated to a different slice-of-life story and the dialogue is done improv-style. There are some connections between the episodes: they all take place in Chicago and a few characters appear in multiple episodes. But for the most part they are stand-alone stories. Many of the episodes got on my nerves, but the episode dedicated to super cute lesbian couple, Jo and Chase — OMG, I loved it so much.

    Jo and Chase have a meet-cute at a show and hook up that night.

    They spend the next morning hanging out, talking and going to breakfast. Jo tells Chase she’s a vegan and that becomes a thing. After hanging out all morning they part ways and it’s cute.

    The two start dating and Chase, a student, feels she needs to be more of a vegan, bike-riding, feminist like Jo is. She buys a bike and starts eating vegan. She also starts hanging out with her BFF less to do Jo things. Eventualy, Chase can’t sustain the vegan biking lifestyle and it all unravels.

    After Chase’s facade is busted, Jo tells her she doesn’t need to be vegan for her.

    It ends with Jo meeting Chase’s friends at a party at her BFF Amber’s house.

  5. Easy – Season 2 Episode 7 “Lady Cha Cha” [Binge Watch]
  6. In season 2 we fast forward for all the characters. Jo and Chase are now living together. Chase is still a student and Jo has a job at an art gallery. Chase has gotten into Burlesque and wants to put together a show and perform with her friends.

    Chase asks Jo if she’s cool with it and she says yes, but she is obviously having issues with trying to be a good feminist and her girlfriend performing burlesque.

    They wind up having a blowup about it where Jo confesses to not being ok with the burlesque thing.

    Later that night Jo apologizes.

    In the end, Jo goes to Chase’s big show.

    I absolutely loved these 2 episodes. For once we got scripted TV about queer women that was realistic, funny, entertaining and cute with regular conflict that got resolved. I feel like Jo and Chase are 2 people I would know in real life, and the way the actors played them was very real.

    I also loved that the conflicts they had were not relationship-ending. On TV it’s always all or nothing, you are either 100% in love or broken up after any conflict. Jo and Chase talked through issues and worked it out like regular couples do. We hardly ever see this on TV in a realistic way.

    The part that bums me out is we only get 2 episodes. We can’t have something this good in a quantity bigger than a crumb. I would love to see an entire series about Jo & Chase and their friends. Netflix, are you listening? This is the scripted TV queer women want to see in the world.

  7. Ten Days in the Valley– Day 5: “Back To Ones” and Day 6: “Down Day” [Live]
  8. Ten Days is back and I’m so happy because I love seeing Ali Liebert on my television! It’s also a great show. Nothing queer happened in these 2 episodes, but I watched a video of an interview Ali did with the Advocate about her character. She did a “she’s gay, right” with the producers and they said sure!

    I was glad I could add Nickole Bilson to the site.

That’s it for last week. What will this week bring in Queer TV…we shall see.

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