Could Supergirl Try Being Less Problematic?

Could Supergirl Try Being Less Problematic?

Oh, Supergirl.

I want to love you. Your LGBT characters have been underused, your show has slowly been defeminized, and you sidelined Jimmy— James Olsen’s romance with Kara for a slave owning frat boy. But we could forgive all that. Really.

Then came Comic Con.

Don’t Piss Off Shippers

SuperCorp is the ship of Lena Luthor and Supergirl. Mostly it’s due to Katie McGrath having chemistry with everyone, and we know it will never happen, but… Ships drive fans. When fans have a pairing, they get obsessive, and they love what they are going to love.

Now for some reason, Jeremy Jordan (Winn) sang a song about Kara’s new friend, Lena, and then went out of his way to sing/shout “They’re only friends! They’re only friends! They’re not gonna get together! They’re only friends.”

Lets Go To Tape

Here’s the video:

It’s worth noting not everyone went along with the ‘joke.’ Katie McGrath looked incredible uncomfortable and in the full interview was clearly pro-shippers:

The great thing about what we do is, like any art, anybody can read into it what they want and take from it, so you can see anything and take from it what you like. And that’s what’s great about this show. There are so many different ways to see everything. And if that’s what you see in it, you know, take it away. It’s art

Why Are Queers The Joke?

Thats the question we all walked away with. And as Dana Piccoli pointed out on Twitter…

And at a certain point, we stand up and say “ENOUGH!”

Following the death of Lexa, we’ve been a lot more extra about this. So yes, Supergirl was going to get hell about this. It didn’t help that Jeremy Jordan’s first apology was tantamount to “You all misunderstood me!” His follow up was along the lines of “I don’t get why this was a thing, but it’s a thing. My bad.

Now What?

I don’t know.

I feel like the little girl who threw away her Supergirl outfit during the Red Kryptonite episode. I’m constantly disappointed by the show, the writing, and the cast. At this point, I’m only watching for Chyler Leigh (Alex) and normally I’d be super worried about that, since Floriana Lima (Maggie) is a recurring character, but Ausiello promises we’re okay:

Question: Still worried about Alex and Maggie on Supergirl. Since Floriana Lima isn’t going to be on the show full-time, should I just assume Maggie turns down Alex’s proposal? —Cait
Have faith, Cait! My latest intel suggests that Alex and Maggie’s romance is far from over, even if Lima will only recur in the CW drama’s third season. In other Supergirl casting news, J’onn will have his hands full in the beginning of Season 3 when an aggressive White Martian named Da’rack comes to Earth on a particularly delicate mission — which, we assume, will not be handled delicately.

I’ll take that with a grain of salt. For now, though I’d just like them to stop stuffing it all up.

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