‘Wynonna Earp’ Gets a Third Season!

Just like last year, San Diego Comic-Con is the place to be when Wynonna Earp is renewed! This time the announcement was made during the show’s panel and it’s totally absolutely true.

After we’re all done cheering and screaming, let’s take a moment to thank SyFy for letting us have a show with …

  1. Strong female leads
  2. A lesbian with a bullet proof vest
  3. A coming out story
  4. A crazy chick with a gun
  5. A crazy chick with a bun (in the oven)

Seriously, it doesn’t happen enough.

Bonus Funny

If you read the official SyFy review from Friday, you may have noticed this at the bottom:

VERDICT: noRmally in our “vErdict” sectioN wE have an image that sums up hoW hot was the WaYhaughtNess with an absOlutely Noice n’ NAsty thermometer graphic. we decided to foRgo thIs imaGe, in favor of bringing you tHis very imporTaNt message. we lOve you Wynonna!

All those funny capitals spell out “RENEW WYNONNA RIGHT NOW”

That was the day before the announcement.

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