February 2018 Roundup

February 2018 Roundup

Before I jump in to things, I wanted to remind you that there’s a little time left on our giveaway. You could win a free 3-day pass to Clexacon! Best of luck!

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Olympic Delays

Most shows take a break for two weeks in February, every four years, because we come together as a nation blah blah blah SPORTS! I like the Olympics. If I could watch Curling and Luge all year round, I’d be super happy. At the same time, it’s sucky to have a little break when you’re getting into shows.

And yet women’s hockey. And snowboarding. And have you seen the arms on some of those lady figure skaters?

Still, this means Supergirl and The Flash are on hiatus. And weirder than that, Legends of Tomorrow took over Supergirl‘s slot on Mondays. Yeah, we have no idea what they’re smoking. At least the ongoing Avalance romance and awkward flirting of Sara when she’s not so cocky was there for us. And we still have Black Lightning for our super hero rep. Bisexual Grace Choi and lesbian Anissa Pierce bring us such joy.


I went to TGIF/F (aka TGI Femslash). My mind was blown. I learned so much and while I posted about my overview of what it was like, I had to make two separate posts about the sessions! The first post went up yesterday and the second will be next week. There was so much to talk about and so much to love. I met so many wonderful people, I certainly plan to be there next year.

New Features

In an effort to make it easier to help you find the shows you want to watch, there’s a new ‘warning’ on the show listing. A small skull and crossbones, which will alert you that the show has dead characters:

Warning: There is death on this show

You may wonder why a show would have death and not a trigger warning. That’s because not all deaths are horrific, and not all shows rip out our souls in bad ways. The 100 gets the warning because that season (you know the one) went beyond the pale.

In addition, we now have an easy way to sort shows by death. Or not. You can now search shows that have no character death. With that in hand, I was able to make it so you could show all the posts we don’t love, or all the shows without stars, or without trigger warnings. Whew.

Finally? New stats! You can drill down so if you wanted to know the breakdown of, say, Canadian characters by sexual orientation, we’ve got your back.


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