The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – March 5, 2018

Queerest Things of the Week - Sara and Ava

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week Sara and Ava have their first kiss and we all freak out. Also, the Olympic hiatus is over and my regular shows come back.

  1. Legends of Tomorrow – Season 3 Episode 12 “The Curse of the Earth Totem” [Live]
  2. It happened, everyone!

    Sara and Ava became canon and the Internet rejoiced.

    Ray, Amaya and Mick are trying to figure out how to defeat Mallus and Mick mentions Sara’s going on a date because she’s been “texting some guy.”

    Legends of Tomorrow GIF - Oh that's hot

    The Legends need to go find and collect the Earth Totem. When Sara hears this, she tells them she’s going to skip this mission.

    Legends of Tomorrow GIF - Sara has business back home

    Mick’s comments crack me up.

    Later, in Star City, Sara and Ava finally have their first date.

    Legends of Tomorrow GIF - Sara and Ava's first date

    It starts off a little awkward, the two of them are usually kicking ass and fixing time, not sitting and talking at a restaurant. Ava sets a “no work talk” rule, and they do their best.

    Legends of Tomorrow GIF - Here's to being two regular women on a completely normal first date.

    Being two bosses on a date together, it doesn’t take long before their respective jobs need their attention. Gary shows up at the restaurant, and Ava pretends to go to the bathroom so she can talk to him.

    Legends of Tomorrow GIF - Remember we talked about personal space, Gary

    While that happens, Sara sees the Waverider crash land outside. Sara throws some money on the table and takes off. Date over.

    When Sara gets to the ship, the Waverider is a mess. She’s annoyed and feeling like she can never have a “normal” life.

    Legends of Tomorrow GIF - If you really like that mean Time Bureau lady, you shouldn't give up on her.

    They fix up the Waverider and go back to 1717 Bahamas to get the Earth Totem from Blackbeard. While that’s happening, Ava zaps herself on board to confront Sara about her dine and dash. Their fight culminates in their first kiss.

    I did enjoy this fight then kiss scene, but I have to say I’m a little disappointed. I wanted the first kiss to be more romantic than comedic. Oh well, the show has plenty of time this season to make up for it.

    After kicking pirate butt together, Sara and Ava talk about their failed date at the end of the episode.

    So great. In the previews for tonight’s episode, Ava is on the ship. I hope we get a scene of her waking up there.

    Another bonus last week was Katrina Law (who plays Nyssa, Sara’s first love of her life) tweeting this out after the episode.

    Oh my gosh, that is so funny. I love when actors play along.

  3. The Fosters – Season 5 Episode 16 “Giving Up the Ghost” [Live]
  4. On this episode of Stef hates everything, Lena tries to kiss on Stef and gets rejected. After that she brings up the couple’s retreat Stef’s mom bought them.

    I have never agreed with Stef more.

    The next day, Stef and Lena are fighting about Tess, again. They fight a little too loudly because Tess’ son can hear them in the hallway.

    Whoops! Not quite the way he should have found out.

    Later, Tess shows up at the front door wanting to talk to Stef, and Lena lays down the law.

    You go, Lena. I know Stef is going through a thing, but I would not have put up this nonsense and Stef’s crappy mood for this long.

    Stef overhears the conversation, and after another round of processing, Stef agrees to go on the retreat. Going on a couples retreat sounds like a 10th circle of Hell, and we’ll be going there with Stef and Lena – yay! I hope it’s entertaining at least.

    Which brings me to this week’s Stef and Lena Passion Index. We had:

    Turning your back to your partner (without a kiss or even a “good night”) then extending your hand far behind you to hold hands with them is literally the least amount of physical affection you can give someone. For that reason I give this episode one sad sponge.

    Mika was wondering if we’re going to need negative sponges.

  5. The Chi – Season 1 Episode 7 “The Whistle” [Catch Up]
  6. Kevin’s moms, Nina and Karen, made an appearance in this episode! Kevin got invited by a girl to go roller skating, and his moms decided to go along.

    The middle schooler embarrassment experience is universal.

  7. 9-1-1 – Season 1 Episode 7 “Full Moon (Creepy AF)” [Live]
  8. This episode was all about wacky things happening during a full moon and how it affects first responders. Some of it was silly (multiple women going into labor during a pregnant mom yoga class), but part of it revolved around Hen. In this scene on full moon eve, she and Karen talk about “Lesbian Bed Death.” Has that term ever been mentioned on a network show before?

    The next day Hen gets a call from her ex Eva who is now out of jail. Eva is very flirty on phone, and it’s obvious Hen is tempted.

    At the end of full moon day, Hen is driving while talking to Athena (Angela Bassett) on the phone. She tells her she’s headed home, but we all know she’s not. It looks like Hen can’t stay away from the ex and winds up at her front door.

    9-1-1 GIF Hen: I should go home now

    It looks like there’s no LBD there. Wow, lots of Dyke Drama, and I love it!

  9. Grey’s Anatomy – Season 14 Episode 13 “You Really Got a Hold on Me” [Live]
  10. Not much gay happened on Grey’s return except for Arizona telling Maggie how great sex is with Carina.

    Grey's anatomy - Carina sex boom

    Maybe instead of just talking about Carina, she could actually be in the episode. I hope she shows up next week.

  11. Love Daily – Season 1 Episode 2 “Christmas Dumplings” [Web]
  12. To make all these GIFs and videos for you fine folks, I spend a lot of time sitting through commercials on the CW website. A commercial came up for a show on called “Love Daily,” and in it was a clip with two women. It looked cute so I decided to check out it. Love Daily is one of those shows where each episode is a stand alone story. It’s composed of 12 short films about 12 different love stories taking place throughout the 12 months of the year.

    This episode features Christine and Sam who both work at a Chinese restaurant.

    Love Daily GIF -Chinese Dumplings Wanna make out

    Spoiler alert: it happens again. Their story is really sweet; I recommend watching. You can check it out on the go90 website.

  13. Jane the Virgin Ghostwriter – Season 4 Episode 11 “Chapter Seventy-Five” [Live]
  14. Jane the Virgin was one of the shows I was most looking forward to after the Olympic hiatus was over. What was going to happen with Petra and JR?

    Jane is at Petra’s having brunch with her and the kids when the cops show up to arrest Petra for murdering her sister. At the station Jane and Jane meet each other for the first time while waiting for Petra to be released on bail. When Petra gets out JR vows to “get her off.”

    Jane the Virgin GIF - I'm going to get you off, Petra

    Later Petra and Rafael talk and she explains to him how her mother is framing her. Rafael asks her if she knows where her mother is and she says, “no, but we’re looking.” Rafael wants to know who the other person in “we’re” is.

    Jane the Virgin GIF - Raf asking Petra about her lawyer JR

    I love these flashes of Petra’s JR dream, but when are the two of them going to hook up for real? I thought it would be this episode, but after JR fesses up to the whole being hired by an unknown person to frame her thing, Petra is pissed. JR tells Petra everything. While working for the DA, JR tampered with evidence to help convict a domestic abuser. The anonymous person knew this and used it as leverage to hire JR to frame Petra. JR doesn’t know who this person is (they both suspect Petra’s mother), but she apologizes to Petra and vows to get her out of this. Petra is furious and tells JR she’s going to get her disbarred.

    Jane the Virgin GIF - No one will work harder to get you out of this

    Later, while Petra is calling to try to get JR disbarred, she sees a photo in the file JR gave her. It’s a photo of someone using their right hand and her mother doesn’t have a right hand.

    She goes back to JR and says she doesn’t trust her, but she is her only hope of getting to the bottom of everything. To prove her trust, Petra tells JR she has to get the screws dismissed as evidence. JR makes it happen, and at the end of the episode, they are working together to figure out the anonymous person on the other end of the burner phone.

    Jane the Virgin GIF - Petra and JR working together

    I love the two of them on the same side working together! I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  15. The Good Fight – Season 2 Episode 1 “Day 408” [Streaming]
  16. I LOVE this show so much, and I’m thrilled it’s back! The “previously on” recap of the first season using T*ump quotes was horrible and perfect.

    The show returns at Carl Reddick’s funeral, and we meet Carl’s daughter and Adrian Boseman’s ex-wife, Liz Reddick, played by the fabulous Audra McDonald. Liz wants the name taken off Reddick-Boseman and the wheels start turning on a plot by Diane and Julius to make her a partner at the firm.

    Meanwhile, Madeline Starkey (Jane Lynch) shows up at the funeral and pesters Maia about her father. She says if she tells her where her father is she will get the prosecutor to drop changes against Maia and she wont have to go to prison. Maia is smart and audio records everything Madeline said and plays it for Lucca.

    Lucca, Maia and Starkey spend most of the funeral and reception going back and forth about what evidence Starkey has and if Maia will help her find her father.

    The Good Fight GIF - Your fictional husband

    I really love the scenes with these three. I imagine they must be fun to shoot.

    Maia and Lucca do learn Maia’s father had a bank account in Dubai and Starkey had a photo of the woman who picked up money from that account for him.

    After some fuzzy flashbacks, Maia remembers it’s her tennis coach Rosalie. It seems Maia had an, um, close relationship with her.

    The Good Fight GIF - They thought we were getting too close

    It also seems like Maia’s dad may have had an affair with her as well. Between Maia’s bad memory and Starkey’s messing with her, it’s hard to tell if it really happened. Either way, the quest to find her and Maia’s dad is going to be interesting.

    In the “On this Season of the Good Fight” preview there was no Amy at all. That is disturbing. She is going to be on next week’s episode, but I hope she is on more than that.

Tonight — more #Avalance making Mondays great again. I hope I’ll be busy with plenty of GIFs to make tomorrow morning.

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  • I definitely need to watch Jane the Virgin…
    But I’m sad I can’t find Love Daily since I don’t live in the US T.T
    Thanks for those recaps, I really look forward to them each time!

    • Aw, that’s a bummer. I didn’t know the show was restricted by country.

      Thank you for the kind words! I’m glad other people are reading them besides Mika and my wife 🙂

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