Harold, We’re Lesbians Too!

Harold, We’re Lesbians Too!

At the end of last year, Tracy and I got in touch with Erica and Nikki, who have the fabulous podcast Harold… They’re Lesbians. We asked if they were interested in having us as guests, and they were. So early one Sunday, I got up and dialled in to a four-way recording about WordPress, LezWatchTV, and more.

We figured we’d be a segment on the show, but they said they had so much fun, they were devoting a whole episode to us!


HAPPY NEW YEAR, QUEERS! We are celebrating 2018 with a special interview episode with Mika and Tracy of LezWatchTV, one of our all-time favorite websites. We had so much fun this episode, so be sure to tune in to to hear us discuss gay statistics, femslash, and our favorite shows!

Can you believe it? You can listen to it right here on Soundcloud, or check them out on Apple’s Podcast app.

We had a great time and would totally do it again. If you’ve got a podcast, we’re available and willing.

Happy New Year, and Happy TwentyGayTeen!

About Mika A. Epstein

Mika has been deep in fandom since she could say 'Trekkie.' With decades experience in running fansites, developing software, and organizing communities, she's taken on the challenge of delving into the recesses of television for queers long forgotten. Making this site with Tracy is nothing short of serendipity. Mika lives with her wife and their cats in Southern California. Of course she has a hybrid, but she'd rather ride her bicycle.

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