Netflix Renews One Day at a Time For Season Three

Netflix Renews One Day at a Time For Season Three

Y’all, I’m so excited I could spit!

And I want to tell you something very very important. Are you listening?

Social media made this happen.

If it wasn’t for you, all of you, who tweeted and retweeted and signed petitions and shared articles, we would not have another season of this amazing show.

So thank you. All of you. Because we get more of this:

I love these crazy idiots so much. You don’t even know.

Congratulations to my friends on the cast and crew of One Day at a Time. I’ll see you this summer, if not sooner.

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One thought on “Netflix Renews One Day at a Time For Season Three

  • OMG!! Just discovering the news today 😮
    I had so much work but the break was so worth it. Now I can go back to my misery since I know I’ll be happy watching a third season soon enough *-*

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