The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – March 26, 2018

queerest things - Petra and JR

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, Ava saves Sara again; the 9-1-1 Finale brings reconciliation for Hen and Ren; and Petramos finds happiness after Petra is finally herself with JR.

  1. Legends of Tomorrow – Season 3 Episode 15 “Necromancing the Stone” [Live]
  2. The Legends of Tomorrow writers blessed us with a Sara and Ava waking up in bed scene.

    I really love how Sara is honest about sleeping with John, while cutely reassuring Ava. Good girlfriend modeling, Sara.

    Ava goes off to work and the Legends go about their time-fixing ways. While they’re not looking, Sara puts on the Death totem and gets possessed by Mallus. Uh oh! Mallus-possessed Sara is busy shutting down Gideon when Ava holograms in.

    Legends of Tomorrow GIF - Sara and Ava GF conversation

    Death totem, Mallus-possessed Sara doesn’t want to process the GF conversation.

    Ava finds the other Legends and is like wtf?

    Great, now she has to go find Sara’s ex-bang hang so he can help save her.

    Ava and Gary successfully find John, and before they can even explain why they’re there, he’s already figured out she’s succumbed to Mallus. He let Ava know he gave Ray instructions to kill her if that ever happened. Ava says she wants to save her, not kill her, but she has the Death Totem.

    That changes things.

    Legends of Tomorrow GIF - Ava and John

    John says he would usually have to cast Mallus into himself to rescue her, but since he already has a link to Sara’s soul, he won’t have to do that. Ava’s all, “What does that mean,” and John explains their souls have been one which leaves a metaphysical connection if you know what I’m sayin’.

    Ava replies that she and Sara also share a very very strong metaphysical connection. Gary puts two and two together.

    Legends of Tomorrow - You both slept with Captain Lance

    John sits down to astral project into whatever dimension Sara is in and Ava says, “You’re going after Sara; I’m coming with you.”

    Legends of Tomorrow - Start Chanting

    Ava saying “start chanting” with that face is my new sexuality.

    They start to enter whatever world Sara is in, but then Mallus kicks them out. John isn’t proving to be much help at this point.

    Ava is annoyed with John — he isn’t getting anywhere, and he has a dismembered foot but no phone. She can’t understand why Sara would ever sleep with this dude in the first place.

    Legends of Tomorrow GIF - Maybe I'm a little bit jealous

    Ava takes this time to revisit the GF conversation with Gary.

    Legends of Tomorrow - Sara and Ava one woman woman

    The three of them are trying to figure out how to locate the Waverider, and Gary launches into a big story about Dungeons and Dragons. Through Gary’s D&D story, they figure out they can locate the Waverider by locating the Death Totem.

    Meanwhile in Possessed by Mallus Land, Nora Darhk is giving Sara the classic “come to the Darhk Side” speech. She tells Sara she was born to wield the death totem for Mallus.

    Ava, John and Gary find the ship. Possessed Sara uses the voice of Astra (the victim of one of John’s exorcisms gone wrong) to mess with John. John uses that to get close to Sara and try to pull a exorcist move, but it doesn’t work.

    The Legends figure out only the fire totem will beat possessed Sara, and Amaya says Mick needs to do it since he is fire obsessed. Mick says he’s not a hero, but Amaya, who has always believed in Mick, talks him into putting the totem on. He puts it on and gets the ability to create and throw fireballs with his hands — cool!

    Mick uses the fireballs to knock possessed Sara out.

    Ava runs over to her for a quintessential someone is in an alternate universe being encouraged to become evil while their loved one is back with their body saying “come back to me” scene.

    I would expect more than a hand on the shoulder after bringing your girlfriend back to consciousness, but whatever.

    Sara apologizes to her team for being a jerk while possessed and then goes back to her room to have a talk with Ava.

    Legends of Tomorrow - Sara I am death

    Uh oh, it’s the classic, Arrowerse I’m [fill in the blank], you deserve better and now I have to break up with you (for now).

    Legends of Tomorrow - Sara I don't deserve you

    Ava protests but eventually concedes to getting dumped and leaves the Waverider.

    Legends of Tomorrow - Ava leaving

    That was frustratingly sad, but then they really stabbed Avalance fans in the heart with this ending scene.

    Legends of Tomorrow - This spot reserved for the girlfriend of Sara Lance

    I’m hoping they reconcile quickly and Ava gets her girlfriend spot back, there are only three episodes left in season three.

  3. Riverdale – Season 2 Episode 16 “Chapter Twenty-Nine: Primary Colors” [Live]
  4. Cheryl has a sleepover party so she can have Toni stay overnight.

    Oooh, so close!

    Later Toni shows up at the Blossom house, and Cheryl’s horrible mother tells her Cheryl has gone to an overseas boarding school.

    In reality, she’s been sent to an institution for straight conversion therapy.

    Riverdale - Cheryl at Conversion therapy

    Oh, no! Poor Cheryl. I hope Toni breaks her out of there.

  5. 9-1-1 – Season 1 Episode 10 “A Whole New You” [Live]
  6. It’s the 9-1-1 finale episode for season one! Time to see what happens with Hen and Ren.

    On a job, Hen is talking to Howie about Ren.

    911- hen and Howie talk

    I don’t find that exchange very promising to be honest. If Hen is trying to reconcile with Karen, but still has major doubts about who she is, that is not good.

    Also, has anyone else noticed they didn’t fight a single fire this whole season?

    Karen isn’t returning Hen’s calls, so she finds her in the grocery store parking lot where she knows she goes shopping every week.

    9-1-1 -Hen and Karen I love you

    I want the two of them to work it out, but I think Ren needs more than an “I love you.”

    In the end, Ren has a change of heart, because she comes home.

    9-1-1 - Hen and Ren Karen comes home

    Hen better not mess up this second chance. Also, where’s the kid?

    9-1-1 got a second season, and I hope we get to see where their relationship goes.

  7. Jane the Virgin Daughter – Season 4 Episode 14 “Chapter Seventy-Eight” [Live]
  8. First, I’ll address the big cancer elephant in the room. I try to avoid cancer storylines on TV. One of my best friends died of cancer-related issues (you can read about it on my neglected personal website) and I hate having to revisit those feelings. It took me a long time after she died to even watch hospital shows again.

    I knew it was coming in this episode, and I was dreading it. However, it’s Jane the Virgin. I knew they would do a good job, and they did. They showed how people deal differently when a loved one gets a cancer diagnosis. Jane went into research mode; Alba got angry; and Rogelio was quiet and supportive. Also, the scene in the medical supply store when the clerk told Alba he knew someone with a similar diagnosis and started talking about how brutal the treatment was — that was something we experienced so many times while our friend was sick.

    The writers did well by this story and I appreciate that, even if it’s hard to watch.

    Now, on to Petramos.

    We begin with Petra practicing a call to JR in the mirror. Rafael just happens to be outside the door listening in, so of course Petra refers to JR as “Jane.”

    Jane the Vigrin - Petra: I have Strong feelings for you, Jane

    Oh, the perfect set up for a classic “Three’s Company” comedic mix up. I love it.

    At Casa Villanueva, Raf is freaked out thinking Petra has romantic feelings for Jane. Before he can tell Jane about this, Petra shows up at the front door with soup. Raf is seeing this nice gesture through a new lens.

    Jane the Virgin - I've been thinking of you nonstop

    So funny. Petra goes to the kitchen and gets a text from JR.

    Jane the Virgin - Petra, you gotta work on your text game

    While Petra is in the kitchen texting, Raf tells Jane that he thinks Petra has feelings for her. He says he overheard her saying she wanted to ask Jane out and that she needed to “speak her truth.”

    When Petra returns, they confront her.

    Jane the Virgin - Not that Jane

    Petra’s disgust is hilarious. Like the rest of us, Jane and Raf have a lot of questions.

    Before she leaves, she wants to make things abundantly clear.

    Jane the Virgin - call me if you need anything not sexual

    That annoyed look Petra gives Rafael before leaving is priceless.

    Even though she didn’t want to talk about JR with Raf and Jane, she later goes to Rafael for advice. Petra’s totally out of her element and she thinks Raf may be able to give her some tips since he used to be a player.

    I love that we get to learn how Petra feels about JR via this monologue. She thinks JR is a player, and if she’s real with her, it’ll scare her off. Oh, and the sex is on another level.

    Petra gives Rafael’s grand romantic gesture move a try and it fails pretty bad.

    I love Rafael, but she shouldn’t have gone to a straight guy for lesbian woo-ing advice. After crashing her car while spying on JR and her date, JR confronts her.

    Petramos Jane the Virgin - Petra: this is so not me

    Petra lets loose a string of vulnerable honesty, and Petra ends up confessing that she just likes JR.

    Petramos Jane the Virgin - Petra: I like you, okay?

    That night Petra is in bed, in yoga pants, stress eating pickles and feeling like she blew it, when there’s a knock on the door.

    Petramos Jane the Virgin - JR: Now that is what I call a romantic gesture

    The grand romantic gesture move did work on JR, but it was honesty, not flowers and champagne.

    Petramos Jane the Virgin - Vulnerable Petra is hotter than ice queer Petra

    To be honest ice queen Petra is hot too, but I get what she’s saying.

    And then #Petramos fans get their episode happy ending scene.

    Yay! That ending was so sweet and satisfying. They are currently my favorite queer couple on TV.

Tonight we get Orphan Black-style Ava clones and I think we may find out her big secret. Also, next Monday I’ll be making my last QTotW post before ClexaCon!

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