A Super Fan’s “One Day At A Time” Season Two Review

A Super Fan’s “One Day At A Time” Season Two Review

OMG! FINALLY the season dropped and I can talk to everyone about this show!

I have been holding on to jokes since summer, folks! It’s been killing me! So I’m going to review all the episodes for you, but the ones I saw filmed I will give you sneaky behind the scenes tidbits. And before you ask, yes, I stayed up till midnight to watch the first three episodes.

Still here? Okay. This is not going to be a review of the whole season. I was informed I’m not allowed to stay up until 7am. However. I am going to tell you what I can about the first three episodes. And by the way, if you’re watching for Elena? You’ll want to watch the first three episodes.

Episode 1 – The Turn

There was a bit of shouting when we realized this… See, we were there for this episode. But it was not the first one taped! This was the forth filmed, though it was the first one we got to see filmed. It was also the one that took the least amount of time.

I found it really awesome how they would redo lines, and give us funnier versions. They could tell from our laughter what was and wasn’t working. This episode was pretty fast, though. Except for Justina having an allergy attack, it zipped through.

The line about Elena looking like Anne Hathaway was a second take, and we all laughed crazy hard about it. When they got to the end and the girl said “It’s so great how Anne Hathaway stood up for that Mexican Family” – it too was a second take line. The first version was just “that white girl.”

Oh and the line that made me laugh so hard I hurt myself was Schnieder saying “Agree to disagree, sir!” He was so loud that first take, and so super serious that I really just lost it. You got to see the second take. My wife loved the pitch Isabella hit when crying “noooooo!” about being told she looked like Anne Hathaway, but her favorite moment was this:

Lydia: You and your brother are different … shades. Papito is a beautiful caramel and you are white bread.

Interestingly, they had Penelope saying ‘white bread’ a couple times.

We’ve been singing “Dale blanquita!” regularly since this episode.

Episode 2 – Schooled

We didn’t see this one filmed. And we didn’t actually know anything about this except what we’d seen in the promos. There were no spoilers that they showed us on the show. So when Elena talked about Victor not calling her… Oh, honey. Yeah.

I want to hate him, but he’s still my dad.

We all know that one.

But that dance, Elena. We love it.

It’s great to see Elena starting up a GSA at school. And going to marches. This is all the expected, normal, perfect escalation of exactly who and what Elena is.

Episode 3 – To Zir, With Love

Queer Bat Signal! Watch this episode! We all had an idea, since we’ve seen the stills with Syd, but this is the first episode to watch.

The second I saw the title I went OOOOOOOOHHHHH really loudly and annoyed a cat. Sorry about that.

This episode is perfect. And I was hella spoiled about it, because we saw clips of Dani and Syd before the season finale. I almost met Syd’s actor, but she left early. Still, there will be more Syd, as I’m sure you’ve figured out. Extra points to Isabella for blushing like she did, and being a wonderful awkward goof.

To Be Continued …

Since we saw four episodes, there will be at least two most posts about the show like this, possibly three depending on how wordy I get about the finale — Oh let’s be serious. The finale gets it’s own post.

Still. The first three episodes of the season are so good, I wish I didn’t have to sleep.

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