The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – April 16, 2018

The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – April 16, 2018

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, the Legends of Tomorrow season 3 finale has the greatest fight scene ever; Jess and Heather make up on Mary Kills People; Petra is finally off the hook on Jane the Virgin; and things are rocky in the house of Maia and Amy on The Good Fight.

  1. Legends of Tomorrow – Season 3 Finale Episode 18 “The Good, The Bad and The Cuddly” [Live]
  2. My plane from Vegas landed early and I made it home just in time to watch the Legends of Tomorrow season 3 finale! I have to say, it’s a whole new experience watching this show after feeling like I spent the weekend with Maisie Richardson-Sellers and Caity Lotz.

    The Legends go to the Old West to hide from Mallus and figure out what they need to do to defeat him. Of course, Mallus finds them and sends some of their enemies from throughout season three to go after them. That was super fun. I love random characters coming back for a finale.

    Amaya and Nate go on one of their Ayahuasca-like trips and see that totem bearers need to stand interlocked in a circle to manifest a being strong enough to defeat Mallus. Sara thinks they need to find new totem bearers to do that properly, but Amaya thinks they are the right people to wield the totems.

    Sara, Amaya, Nate, Mick, Wally and Zari give it a shot, but they have a hard time focusing and manifest something really gross that Mick promptly shoots with his fire gun. After that Sara is convinced she’s right, they need to find other people to use the totems.

    Just then Ava portals in with a posse, including Jax!

    Legends of Tomorrow season 3 finale - Ava: I got your message

    While they’re all hanging out, Sara tells them they need to use the totems, and Ava says, “We’re here to help you, not replace you.” She seems to convince Sara that the Legends are the ones to do it since they have helped so many people throughout time.

    After that, Ava and Sara also do a little L Word processing.

    We’ll have to wait until season 4 to see how that conversation ends.

    Sara confronts an army of bad guys to tell them all to get out of town. They don’t like that message and start to attack. Ava then rides in on a horse and scoops Sara up and out of harm’s way.

    Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Finale - Ava rescues Sara on a horse

    A big battle scene commences, and Team Legends are able to successfully beat back the army of bad guys. However, soon after that Mallus arrives, and the Legends must join together to give birth to whatever the thing is to defeat Mallus.

    And folks, that thing is — a giant Beebo.

    Legends of Tomorrow season 3 finale - BeeBo the blue god has returned

    Oh my goodness, I was crying laughing and trying to explain to my wife (she doesn’t watch the show) who the heck Beebo was.

    Bravo, Legends writers. Well done.

    Legends of Tomorrow season 3 finale - Beebo fight scene

    The Beebo / Mallus fight scene is a wonder of TV cinematic excellence.

    Beebo defeats Mallus and Damien Darhk along with it. I’m not sad about that; Damien Darhk was really getting on my nerves. However, people rarely stay dead on Legends.

    Before Ava portals back to the Time Bureau, she says goodbye to Sara.

    Legends of Tomorrow season 3 finale - See you around Ms. Lance

    That’s it? Ugh, they’re making us wait until next season for more Avalance! Well at least we know Ava will definitely be back now that Jes Macallan has been upgraded to a series regular next season.

    At the end of the show, all of the Legends are relaxing on the beach in Aruba where the season started. Nate says they should have invited Ava, and Sara says, “Oh, we’ve got plans. And until then, she busy fixing all those pesky anachronisms we left behind.”

    At the very end, Gary and Constantine show up on the beach. It looks like the two of them have been spending time together. Constantine dumps the head of a dragon on the beach and says Mallus was not the only thing that got out when they let him out of his cage.

    Well, there’s our season 3 cliffhanger.

    I absolutely LOVED this season of Legends of Tomorrow. The show keeps getting better and better, and I can’t wait for season 4.

  3. Mary Kills People – Season 2 Episode 5 “Come to Jesus” [Catch Up]
  4. Naomi approaches Heather at school and doesn’t apologize or anything but tells her everything that happened at the party was her fault because she was being drunk and stupid. She encourages her to get back together with Jess.

    Mary Kills People - Jess really likes you

    Thankfully, Heather listens. She and Jess make up and get back together.

    Mary Kills People - Jess and Heather make up

    I feel like this story line is righting the wrongs of our queer teenhoods. I hope Naomi doesn’t create more trouble for them.

  5. Grey’s Anatomy – Season 14 Episode 19 “Beautiful Dreamer” [Live]
  6. Wow, we got some Arizona and Carina this episode. It’s a miracle.

    During a sibling fight between Andrew and Carina, Carina calls Andrew’s girlfriend Sam a stalker, and Andrew says, “it’s an actual monogamous relationship that goes past three months. So, if you ever get there please let me know.” This obviously has Arizona a little shook for the rest of the episode, thinking Carina may not be sticking around.

    Arizona finally asks Carina if she is going to move away to another country because their research is almost done and she’s a free spirit.

    Carina assures her that she is not going anywhere.

    Greys - I don't want to leave you, Arizona

    That is really sweet, but we all know that Arizona is leaving the show. There are 5 episodes left of season 14. What do you think is going to happen to Arizona? I bet she’s going to move away somewhere with Carina. Whatever it is, it better be a happy ending.

  7. Jane the Virgin Girl on Fire Who is so Inspired to Write, Words are Pouring Out and She Can’t Stop Flowing, it’s Like ‘What Writer’s Block?’ Nobody’s… – Season 4 Episode 16 “Chapter Eighty” [Live]
  8. JR tells Petra she got an email from the DA, and he wants to meet about the case. She thinks this means they are officially dropping the charges against Petra.

    JR wants to celebrate.

    Jane the Virgin - dinner and drinks to celebrate

    Unfortunately, Petra has work and kid stuff to do which is a mood killer for JR.

    After the meeting with the DA, JR reports back that they are not dropping the charges against Petra. They said Petra’s mother’s story checks out. Petra vehemently insists that her mother must be lying and does so while doing a little tribute to Hamilton.

    Jane the Virgin -  Petra and JR doing Hamilton

    JR tells Petra she will prove her mother is lying and get the case dismissed.

    Right before JR meets Petra’s mother for questioning, she’s bugging out.

    Jane the Virgin - Ooh. We're up to 'baby' now

    The narrator and the #Petramos fandom had the exact same thought at that moment.

    When JR gets back to Petra’s, she tells her she caught her mom in a lie, and she thinks they’ll be ok. However, there is something that gave JR some doubt. Petra’s mom said Petra broke a heel while pushing Anezka, and when JR inspected the crime scene photos, there was a nick in the floor.

    Petra is really upset that JR has any doubt. She goes and grabs the shoes she was wearing that night and shows them to her, heels intact. Petra is so mad that she tells JR to leave.

    Jane the Virgin - I do need my girlfriend to trust me

    I know they’re fighting, but I love that Petra said “girlfriend.”

    Later, JR tells Petra that she came clean to the DA about being blackmailed into framing Petra. Petra’s case is dismissed, but JR will be disbarred. Petra is overwhelmed by everything, and JR apologizes for not trusting her.

    Oh my goodness I love these two so much. The season finale is NEXT WEEK and look at this clip from the trailer!

    Jane the Virgin - I'm in love with you

    JR in that shirt saying, “I’m in love with you” — I am not ready.

    Has there been any news on Rosario Dawson and season 5? I would hate to lose #Petramos after this season.

    Oh! I got so wrapped up in Petramos, I almost forgot the Friday Night Cliffhanger. Rose called Rafael from prison.

    Jane the Virgin - Call from Rose

    What does this mean? Will Rose and Luisa be in the season finale? We’ll see next week.

  9. The Good Fight – Season 2 Episode 7 “Day 450” [Web]
  10. Oh my gosh, y’all, this episode blew me away.

    Democratic National Committee consultant, Ruth Eastman, pays a visit to Reddick, Boseman & Lockhart for a super top secret meeting. The DNC is interviewing nine law firms to find a legal team to impeach Trump after the midterm elections.

    Ruth’s assistant Carine Minter is there, and she seems to be hitting it off with Maia.

    The Good Fight - I'm Carine

    Carine insists that she’s seen Maia somewhere before, and Maia tells her she’s Maia Rindell, daughter of Henry Rindell. Maia’s pretty sure Carine’s not going to want to keep talking to her after learning that fact.

    Later, Maia, Amy, Marissa and Drew are on a double date.

    The Good Fight - Two people in love

    Y’all, I thought Maia and Amy broke up, but here we are.

    Drew blurts out it’s good to see they’re doing well, because Marissa told him the two of them were having problems. Maia’s like, “No, we’re doing good.” and Amy says, “Actually, we’re thinking of getting married.”

    Um, that’s not what you said on the stand, Amy.

    Suddenly, Drew jumps up and punches a dude in the face. He said it was for taking an upskirt picture of his girlfriend. Marissa thinks this is super hot, but the four of them get kicked out of the bar. Maia has an “aw, cute” look on her face and Amy looks really annoyed. Amy’s like, “We’re going home.” At home, Amy is judgey about Drew and makes it clear she doesn’t want to hang out with them again.

    The next day Carine comes by Maia’s desk to talk.

    The Good Fight - member of the damaged offspring club

    So Maia’s background has not scared Carine away; it’s actually given them something in common. Rut, ro.

    Marissa interrupts their conversation to invite Maia out dancing. Maia says she’s not sure, but maybe she’ll go alone because Amy has a trial coming up. Later on the phone, Maia talks to Amy about going out.

    The Good Fight - Ok have fun

    Maia goes out. She’s dancing with Drew and Marissa, but they are really into each other. Maia goes off to get a drink and look who shows up.

    The Good Fight - I'm not here for any other reason

    Carine tries to chitchat about their disgraced dads, but Maia wants to go dance instead.

    The Good Fight - Maia dancing

    Oh, no, Maia. Did you not watch Footloose? We all know what dancing can lead to.

    Marissa and Maia take a break from dancing and Maia asks Marissa if she thinks she and Amy are boring. Then she tells her that she feels like she’s cheating by dancing with Carine.

    The Good Fight - It feels like I'm cheating

    Marissa asks her what she wants and Maia replies, “Sometimes I want stability; sometimes I don’t.” Then Marissa asks, “Of those, what do you want right now.” Maia replies, “That’s the question.”

    Maia decides to be responsible and go home. While she’s waiting for her Uber, Carine comes up to say goodbye.

    The Good Fight - I'm here to say goodbye

    Oooooo, the Footloose prophecy came true.

    The making out continues in the Uber until Carine’s boss calls.

    The Good Fight - Seatbelts please

    She needs Carine to come in to Reddick, Boseman & Lockhart now. Carine literally stumbles in to meet her boss.

    The Good Fight - no I'm good

    These naturally awkward scenes is one reason out of 100 I love this show.

    Ruth tells Carine it’s time to pack up and head back to DC. Carine is all like, “Shouldn’t we stay a few more days?” because we know Maia is hiding around the corner somewhere. Ruth tells her to take a vacation.

    Ruth tells her other assistant to clean things up and turn off the DNC cameras in the conference room. He tries to open the conference room door, but hmmmmm it’s locked.

    The Good Fight - Turn off the cameras

    OH NO, the cameras! I know Maia was cheating and all, but on camera? The girl could use a break after going to jail after her own father threw her under the bus.

    Wow, y’all that was an amazing episode. It’s going to be a world of dyke drama next week.

  11. Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Season 5 Episode 17 “DFW” [Live]
  12. Gina walks in on Rosa swiping on a dating app.

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Rosa on a dating app

    Gina wants to know what happened to the woman she was dating.

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Becky and I broke up

    Gina says, “You’re in luck because I have the perfect girl for you, and I’m texting with her right now.” Rosa says, “No, you are terrible at setting me up.” Gina insists now she knows Rosa is bi, that changes everything because she knows so many great women.

    Later Gina brings Rosa into the briefing room and shows her pictures of different women. Of course, Rosa says no to all of them, but does concede to going on one date set up by Gina.

    Rosa goes on the date with Trishelle, and it’s pretty terrible.

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine - I refuse to order that

    The next day, Rosa comes in, and Gina sees her setup was actually a success. She was really setting her up with Aubrey the bartender. Trishelle was just a decoy.

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Gina being tricky

    Rosa then admits Gina is a good matchmaker.

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine - You're a great matchmaker

    I’m excited to see when Gina Rodriguez makes an appearance. I hope it’s soon.

Supergirl‘s back tonight. I hope Alex is not just gay and sad in the background. Also, I’m going to see Stars, one of my favorite bands play during the Jane the Virgin finale so I gave Mika a quick tutorial (she doesn’t watch the show) and a GIF making lesson so she can take the wheel Friday night. Hold her in the light, everyone.

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