Web Series Not To Sleep On

Web Series Not To Sleep On

After I posted Web Series to Watch Out For, people started slipping me a list of the ones I didn’t mention. So here we go with some finished web series you should check out.

Different for Girls

This is really a love it or hate it show. It’s sort of like The L Word compressed into five episodes. Pregnancies, cheating, kids, awkward relationships, and queer women playing queer women.

You can check out all five episodes on YouTube right now.

And yes, that is Helena from The L Word.

Bit of warning, there are no closed captions. Sorry.

The ‘Other’ Love Story

The TGIF/F crew jumped on me to watch this one. To the point that I pushed it up to the top of the queue immediately (I’m not joking about having a book!). As was stressed, it’s an Asian positive queer romance. How many of those do we get? Spoilers, not a lot.

The show is up on YouTube, in it’s entirety, with closed captions!

This one will break your heart and heal it again.

Anyone But Me

Technically this wasn’t ‘new’ to me. You see, this is one of Tracy’s favorites and I didn’t watch it until 2017. Don’t kill me, okay? There’s a reason this is Tracy’s favorite. It even has a happy ending, which was rare in 2008. It definitely moved the needle for web series in both quality and content.

All three seasons, plus a bonus are up on YouTube.


More than seven people told me to watch Red! It was actually on my list (three below Different For Girls). I’d quickly watched it, enough to add it to the site, but now I took the time to watch it for real fun. There’s an American series that’s very similar, but this one feels less titilating to me. Not made for the male gaze.

Before you get scared, realizing it’s not in English, like The Other Love Story, this is captioned.

What Do You Love?

What web series to you love more than life itself? We want to know!

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