The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – August 20, 2018

Wynonna Earp Jolene

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, I only have Wynonna Earp “Jolene” to report on, because the queerest thing I saw was all the beautiful folks at FlameCon.

Warning: This post contains spoilers!
Wynonna Earp – Season 3 Episode 5 “Jolene” [Live]

Wow, y’all this episode was intense and I loved it.

When the show opens, Wynonna has Mama Earp tied up in the barn. Wynonna is pissed, but Mama Earp begs her to listen to her for two minutes. She tells her a demon has been stalking Waverly since she was a baby and by the time she was six she knew it wanted to kill her.

The barn fire that got her arrested back in the day was really Mama Earp attempting to exorcize the demon. The exorcism failed, the barn caught on fire and the demon bound to Mama Earp. That is why she acts the way she does and not like Mother of the Year.

When Waverly touched Mama Earp during her visit she broke her bind with the demon and it escaped. Mama Earp came back to try to save her and she saw the demon, but she doesn’t know where it went. We all know — it’s Jolene!

Jolene is busy messing with everyone’s heads via baked goods, and I have to admit — I love it! I love seeing Zoie Palmer play this character. She is so different from Lauren in Lost Girl and I am enjoying it so much.

Wynonna Earp Jolene - Jolene with a knife
It’s the over-the-shoulder, soap opera menacing hug face — knife edition.

Everyone’s not convinced Mama Earp is telling the truth, but she tries to convince Waverly. Waverly does have a memory of seeing something demony in a mirror at school. When the correctional officer comes to get Mama Earp, Jolene greets him in the driveway with a pie and a knife and cuts out his tongue.

Back in the barn, they untie Mama Earp and she meets Doc. Mama Earp asks if he is her boyfriend and she changes the subject by mentioning Waverly and Nicole.

Wynonna Earp Jolene - Waverly's shtupping a cop.

Mama Earp spends a lot of time trying to protect Waverly from the demon not realizing Jolene is the demon. Jolene sends the tongueless officer in and Wynonna shoots him with Peacemaker. She, Waverly and Mama Earp think he’s the demon and now he’s dead and they’re safe.

Even though they were both under the spell of Jolene’s cookies, I enjoyed seeing Wynonna and Mama Earp bond over whisky. I can see where Wynonna gets her snark from.

Mama and the girls go to Shorty’s and one by one, Jolene turns the gang against Waverly with her snacks. She can’t kill her herself, so she has to gaslight Waverly until she takes her own life. That part was so hard to watch, I felt horrible for Waverly the entire episode.

When Jolene works her evil bakery magic on Nicole she has gone too far.

Wynonna Earp Jolene - Waverly Slaps Jolene

Jolene’s evil, but I loved that they reenacted the beer spill scene from season one.

Jolene’s shit-starting ignites a bar fight and she watches from the stage while singing Karaoke. Wynonna and Mama wind up getting themselves arrested.

After Nicole’s finished throwing Wynonna and Mama in the jail drunk tank, she has an awful conversation with Waverly. I know it’s the scones talking, but I hated seeing Nicole be so mean the Waverly.

Wynonna Earp Jolene - Call you later

Later, after the scones have worn off, Nicole waits for Waverly in her room. Jolene comes in and tries hitting on her.

Wynonna Earp Jolene - Are you even gay

I love the, “Are you even gay?” line, because Zoie Palmer is gay in real life.

After Nicole refuses her advances, she does some kind of spell and Bulshar’s ring comes flying back at Nicole. Jolene touches it and gets burned. That makes her even more furious and she picks up Nicole by the neck and throws her into the closet.

Waverly is wandering around in the greenhouse by herself when Jolene comes by to try to really mess with her head and finish her off.

Back in the drunk tank, Wynonna and Mama figure out that Jolene is the demon and talk Nedley into letting them out. Doc finds Nicole in the closet and lets her out. She tells him that Jolene is the demon.

Jolene is working her psychological evil on Waverly, but she isn’t successful, because Waverly knows Wynonna and Nicole love her. Waverly fights back and Wynonna busts in and shoots Jolene with Peacemaker. Jolene makes it out of the greenhouse, but gets caught in Mama Earp’s trap and gets eaten up by vines.

Whew! I’m glad she’s gone, but I will absolutely miss Zoie Palmer. Can she come back as a non-demonic Jolene?

After an hour of everyone being so mean to Waverly, it was a wonderful relief to get this super cute Wayhaught scene.

Holy moly, that was quite an episode!

This week it’s a very special holiday episode of Wynonna Earp — I can’t wait!

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