Did You Know About These Web Series?

Did You Know About These Web Series?

Sometimes it feels like we write this every month. More Web Series that people sleep on, including ones that could use your help to exist. The problem is, of course, there are seemingly infinite series being created every day, and while that’s great, it can be exhausting to keep up. Thankfully, you have us, who are happy to help you answer “Yes!” if someone asks “Did you know about these web series?”

On Air Now

Some shows, having had successful funding, are out now and you can enjoy them in full (or in part, as they are still releasing new content).


An entire series of “What if…” brought to you by Girl Ship TV. What if … we were assassins? Or there was no internet? Would we still be us?


Facebook Watch has yet another series, this one about a group of students dealing with today’s drama of queerness, money, cat fishing, and dear god the internet. Nothing makes me happier than the realization I was well out of high school when everyone got cell phones.

Gal Pals

They’re just Gals being Pals. They’re the L Word for LA and the folks who like Broad City, based around the life of Bee, a lothario who chases straight girls and falls for one. Whoops.


Also on Facebook Watch (what!? I know!), I really dig Strangers. Getting a biracial, bisexual, bi-costal main character is something astounding, and the entire series nails New York and the perils of becoming who you are beautifully.


It’s Maya, Catalina, and her group of eclectic friends as they navigate careers, love, and life in their early twenties. Basically, it’s Friends, only with queer people, so actual relevant. And no one’s Ross.

Crowd Funding

Some series are still working to get made, or in the case of one of these, to finish (seriously, you left me on a cliff hanger!?).

Total Party Kill

I’m looking at you, you gamers who left me with a damn cliff hanger after four episodes! How could you? TPK answers the age old question “How well would my D&D party do in a Zombie Apocalypse?” I would personally appreciate you donating so I could watch the end, please and thank you! Hit them up on Indiegogo.

Only In New York

Two girls from the midwest move to the Big Apple. What could possibly go wrong? Not only is this an LGBT comedy, it’s staring two black women, a massively underrepresented group, and is filled with a diverse cast. Give them a hand via Seed & Spark.


Allie, a young witch, has been cursed. Everyone she loves will die. So naturally her best friend sets her up with a 500 year old cursed with immortality. That could be a hell of a lot of fun. Donate now on Indigogo.

Rational Creatures

This story of love, conquering your fears, and taking chances brings the world of Jane Austen’s “Persuasion” into the modern era. Covering everything from romance to mental health, the series has a bisexual lead and married lesbians. You can help them on on Seed & Spark.


One of Tracy’s favorite web series (and with good reason), it’s the first Brazilian lesbian-themed web series. What happens when two actresses fall in love, and their fictional affair becomes reality? Well that gets you RED. They’re hoping to make season 5, so pull an assist via Indigogo.

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