The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – June 18, 2018

Queerest Things - Bold Type Season Two

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, The Bold Type season two started, and Kadena’s relationship faces a hurdle. Also Nikki and Erica of the Harold They’re Lesbians Podcast finish Person of Interest, bringing up lots of feelings.

  1. The Bold Type – Season 2 Episode 1 “Feminist Army” [Live]
  2. The Bold Type is back, and I am so excited! I knew Adena was upped to a regular character, and I couldn’t wait to see what was next for her and Kat.

    Kat is back from multi-week trip traveling the world with Adena, and we learn Adena is coming back to NYC on a three-month visa. Kat is all happy and smitten, and everything looks smooth sailing for Kadena. However, Adena is obviously uncomfortable when Kat is affectionate with her in front of her co-workers, and then she refuses to walk down the red carpet with her at a big Scarlet event.

    At this point I’m thinking, “Uh, oh what’s bothering Adena?” I thought maybe she didn’t like PDA, she wasn’t as into Kat as Kat was into her, or she thought Kat was paying more attention to work then her.

    At the party the true reason comes to light.

    The Bold Type season two - Not Ready to go Down on Me.

    Oh my goodness, I did NOT see that coming!

    It was absolutely brilliant. The fact that they didn’t pull out an old “queer relationship trouble” trope, and instead mentioned this issue that is 100% a real concern my friends have actually had, is a level of queer writing authenticity rarely seen on mainstream TV.

    Good job, Bold Type! You’ve set a high bar for this season.

    Also, spoiler alert, it’s no longer an issue by the end of the episode.

  3. Supergirl – Season 3 Episode 22 “Make it Reign” [Live]
  4. I haven’t been recapping Supergirl, because there’s been nothing to report on. Alex has been demoted to everyone’s support lesbian and babysitter with no life of her own. However, I had to comment on the “Alex wants a baby” thing because I am so annoyed with it.

    Alex just came out a year ago and went through her first big relationship and breakup. The next step is usually a period of sadness, but then she would start dating to make up for all those adult years of being in the closet to herself. I’m not saying she’d be hooking up with random people every night, that would not be in character, but she could get on Tinder and go on a date or two.

    Instead, they have her trapped in this baby-wanting plot, and I hate it.

    Supergirl - Alex surfing adoption sites

    I’d rather Alex be surfing porn at work than an adoption website.

    This is not the three-dimensional queer character we all knew and loved at the end of last season — the alien-shooting, brown liquor-drinking lesbian with the cop girlfriend who finally knew and was happy with herself.

    I want that Alex back! Just because she’s single now it doesn’t mean she needed to lose her life and be faded to a baby-crazed background character.

    Dear Supergirl Writers,

    Hello. I am giving you the benefit of the doubt that your AK drama put a wrench in your lives and caused this season to lose its way. Bad things happen to all of us.

    I wanted you to know you have my full permission to make Alex's wanting a baby plot disappear over the hiatus. You can start season four pretending it never happened. Remember how you did that with Kara and James at the end of season one? You can do that again.

    Please give Alex a life -- have her date a little like adult people do. And if Maggie were to come back, that would be cool too.

    I really have faith in you all that you can make season four better. Have a nice break, get some rest and then get to work writing the show we use to love.


    PS. Just get rid of Mon-El and his gross beard.

  5. Person of Interest – Season 4 Episode 5 “6,741” [Streaming]
  6. If you follow us on Twitter, you know we’re huge fans of the Harold They’re Lesbians Podcast, and I have been absolutely loving following along as they watch all of Person of Interest, one of my favorite shows of all time.

    Well, they made it to the end, and they produced a very special bonus series summary episode. Give it a listen, but only if you’ve already watched the entire series.

    There is something about this show and Root and Shaw that is so powerful. There is no other pairing I feel this intensely about on TV. Living through it again with Nikki and Erica has been so great. It was like rewatching it with them and a big group of friends who all get this ship. I loved chatting on Twitter about it with everyone each week. It sounds silly, but I’m sad it’s over (for the second time).

    They also did another reaction video! This time for Season 4 Episode 5 “6,741” which is one of my favorite episodes.

That’s it for last week. Tonight is the Supergirl finale, and to be honest, I’m not sad to see this season come to an end.

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