Set Phasers to Queer: Tig Notaro will Guest on ‘Star Trek: Discovery’

Set Phasers to Queer: Tig Notaro will Guest on ‘Star Trek: Discovery’

When we last left Star Trek: Discovery, our intrepid crew had returned home only to find out time had past and the war had been lost. So via some risky moves, they saved the universe, restored order, got a pardon, and a new captain. On the way to pick up said captain, that pesky troublemaker, the USS Enterprise hailed for help.

Oh, Enterprise.

Tig Notaro will guest on an undisclosed number of episodes in season two, playing the chief engineer on the USS Hiawatha. Named Denise Reno.

Let’s look at this gayly for a moment.

Tig is an openly gay woman who had cancer, and just finished her show about being … an openly gay woman who had cancer. Seriously if you haven’t seen One Mississippi yet, go do that and come back.

Denise Crosby played the chief security officer on season one of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Tasha Yar.

Janet Reno was the first female Attorney General in the USA.

Both (all three if I count Lt. Yar) were often accused of being lesbians.


At this point, if Tig doesn’t play a queer character, I’m going to have to transport myself to Discovery and have some serious words.

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