First Look at “Kappa Force”

First Look at “Kappa Force”

Before the CW, there was UPN where most of us queer TV fans of a certain age watched Xena and Star Trek late at night. One of the delightful hallmarks of those days was a cheerful embrace of campiness with both quality and content. That is, we laughed at ourselves and our shows and we didn’t mind at all if you could see a wire, or the shows winked out at the audience. We revelled in it.

Revry brings that kind of fun back with their newest comedy, Kappa Force.

Warning: This post contains mild spoilers for an upcoming series.

College Drama-ish

Sarcasm and self-awarewolves begin our story as the villain, The Douche, takes out a sorority girl in his quest to find and destroy the Kappa Force and the … something. Maybe the world? He’s not sure. From there, we’re introduced to a number of characters whose parents were all killed in a car crash via an anonymous drunk driver and a quest for sororities and fraternities.

Poking fun at every single college rom-com out there, the sisterhood of the traveling ass-kickers keeps you laughing at the right moments. You hate the right characters for the right reasons, you find humour in the morbidity of failure, and above all, you get to watch a self-described CW/MCU mashup of above average attractive people.

Kappa Force isn’t serious, and it’s the perfect binge for a lazy afternoon where you want an hour of uncomplicated fun.

Our score?


Goofy, campy, tongue in cheek, and irreverently intersectional. The series is slightly more queer in general than queer female-focused, which is really the only thing keeping it from an A.

Coming Soon

Kappa Force will be out on October 27th on Revry TV. Until then, check out the trailer.

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