The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – October 28, 2019

Queerest Things - Anissa and Grace are reunited

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, Anissa and Grace are reunited on Black Lightning, and Hen and Karen receive some devastating news on 9-1-1.

Warning: This post contains spoilers!
Black Lightning – Season 3 Episode 3 “The Book of Occupation: Chapter Three” [Live]

Finally, it’s the moment we’ve been waiting for since last season — Anissa and Grace are reunited.

I’m thrilled this happened, and I hate when people pick on something good (including myself). Still, I wish something other than “Where the hell have you been?” was the first thing out of Anissa’s mouth.

I feel like queer female fans are easy to please (except when we’re terrible and difficult). Anissa has been searching for Grace since the previous season, and I wanted a big, romantic reunion scene. That’s what we want to see, and I don’t think it’s too much to ask for. I found this scene to be anti-climatic with a basic hug for an ending. There were some “I love yous” but it was more out of convincing the other person than romance.

I’m going to stop complaining now and look towards the future. Anissa made a beeline to Freeland’s lesbian pick-up bar and called things off with Jamillah. Anissa wants to do the right thing from the re-start with Grace.

Black Lightning Anissa and Grace are reunited - I have a habit of making really bad decisions

I’m happy to see Anissa break old patterns and not make repeated relationship mistakes. I love good girlfriend modeling.

Anissa comes home to her sweet new apartment, and Grace is cutely sleeping in her bed.

Black Lightning Anissa and Grace are reunited - Grace at Anissa's apartment

I love soft ThunderGrace.

Can this please PLEASE be a real and honest start of the rest of their relationship?

Anissa and Grace are reunited, and Grace now knows Anissa is aware of her shapeshifting powers. Although Mika brought up in LezWatch Slack chat (join us!), it was Thunder who saw Grace shapeshift, not Anissa. Why wouldn’t Grace question Anissa about how she knows about her powers? Whatever, I put all my TV scrutiny energy towards the Philly realness on This is Us. I’ll give a superhero show a pass.

It’s time for Anissa to come out to Grace and the two of them to become Markovian-fighting superhero girlfriends. I want Mama Lightning to use her Meta scientist knowledge to help Grace control her powers. I want the Lightning family to become the family Grace never had. And above all, I want Anissa and Grace to finally have a strong and happy relationship.

9-1-1 – Season 3 Episode 5 “Rage” [Live]

I have to be honest, this season of 9-1-1 is ridiculous. The show is trying to find every outrageous disaster to throw at Station 118 without much plot beyond that. I have been obligation-watching it the past few weeks. Still, this episode, we did get a heartbreaking update on Hen and Ren’s conception journey.

At the beginning of the episode, Karen is thrilled because the doctor called telling her they collected 6 embryos from their IVF attempt. However, when Hen comes home later, the news is devastating.

9-1-1 - None of the embryos were good

Poor Karen. She is blaming herself and her old eggs and thinking they should call it quits.

I don’t know where they are going to go from here, but I know how hard TTC (trying to conceive) is on relationships, and I hope they come out okay on the other side.

Kudos to this show for doing some queer TTC research and mentioning they tried IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) first, which is factually accurate. They are one of the only shows on TV to get it right.

The Deuce – Season 3 Episode 7 “That’s a Wrap” [Live]

Last episode, Vince promised Abby he would get rid of the gun if she came back to their apartment. Well, he still has the gun, he’s just sloppily hiding it from her.

Abby had been legit super busy with work and saving the world, but Pilar is growing impatient being towards the bottom of her priority list. She stops by the Hi-Hat and asks Abby to please come to her next street art show.

Abby does go, but she shows up too late and misses it. Pilar is done.

I think Pilar’s decision to break up with Abby is extreme. I believe Abby is into Pilar, and all the life obligations taking up her time are legitimate. However, I get Pilar not wanting to be Abby’s side piece getting scraps of Abby’s time while she stays in a primary relationship with Vince.

Later, Abby discovers the gun hidden in one of their closets. And at the very end of the episode, Vince comes home to an empty apartment with all of Abby’s stuff gone and the gun sitting on the living room table.

Oh my goodness, and on the non-queer part of the show, the way Lori’s story come to an end completely shocked me. I wished more people I knew watched because I needed a support group after that.

Tonight is the very last episode of the series. Honestly, I do not know how this is going to end, and I am looking forward to finding out.

I’m very anxious to see what happens on Black Lightning tonight now that Anissa and Grace are reunited. Also, I will be at a conference this weekend with Mika, so next week’s post may be a little light.

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