The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – February 4, 2019

Queerest Things - Anissa and Grace

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, we learned more of Nia’s backstory on Supergirl; the post-memory-erasing-spell Melko reunion happened on Charmed; and we got a little Thundergrace cuteness on Black Lightning.

Warning: This post contains spoilers!
Supergirl – Season 4 Episode 11 “Blood Memory” [Catch Up]

I love that we got more of Nia’s backstory this episode!

Nia’s plans to go to her home town of Parthas to attend the annual Harvest Fest (which she never misses) are in trouble when all the flights there are cancelled. Kara overhears Nia telling her sister on the phone that she can’t make it and offers to drive her — Nia / Kara road trip!

On the way there, Nia tells Kara about her mom coming to Earth and falling in love with her dad. She also talks about how welcoming and inclusive the town is. Kara asks her if she loved living there because she’s half human and half alien, and Nia explains.

Every time Nia comes out to someone it makes me so emotional. The thing I love most about her family backstory is it’s not wrapped in tragedy. So many of us were prevented from having happy queer childhoods and seeing it on TV fills me with joy.

One wrench in this happy family situation is Nia’s emerging dreaming powers. She tells Kara not to mention it because she hasn’t told her family yet. At dinner, Nia’s sister Maeve explains that one woman from each generation will inherit these powers.

Supergirl Nia's backstory - Dreaming the future

Nia knows Maeve’s been waiting her entire life to get these powers. Nia does not want them, so she asks her mother if there would hypothetically be a way to give the powers to someone else. Nia’s mom says, “No, the chosen one doesn’t have a choice.”

The next moment, Nia’s mom passes out and then Nia too then falls into a dream state with her mom.

Supergirl Nia's backstory - You are the next Dreamer

Nia tells her she’s not ready, but her mom says she is and will be stronger than she ever was. And then she dies. Poor Nia, and how awkward for Kara for this to happen on the random trip home with Nia.

At her mother’s funeral, Nia sees MAGA Children of Liberty people attacking Maeve as she’s speaking, before it happens, and saves her from harm’s way.

The memorial erupts into chaos. Kara Supergirls out to fix things, and in the middle of all this Maeve is only thinking about herself.

Supergirl Nia's backstory - You have the powers

After all that is dealt with, Nia wants to talk to her sister before she and Kara head back to the city. Maeve is furious with Nia and all like, “You’ve known for months, why didn’t you tell me?” Nia says she was trying to figure out a way to transfer the powers to her, and then Maeve says this.

Supergirl Nia's backstory - How did you get the powers.gif

Her saying those words felt like stab to the heart. In the car later, Nia tells Kara Maeve was always her biggest supporter, but how can someone who supports you ever say words like that?

Kara is trying to comfort her, but Nia says she could never understand because she has alien powers and her sister doesn’t. Kara decides this is a good time to come out herself.

Supergirl Nia's backstory - I am Supergirl

I love Nia’s shocked face when Kara takes her glasses off. The ridiculousness of the glasses is such a running Supergirl joke.

Back at home, Nia opens a box her dad gave her, and it looks like it’s her super suit.

Supergirl Nia's backstory - Nia's supersuit

I can’t wait to see her put it on!

In other queer Supergirl news, Alex had this haircut.

Supergirl - Alex's gay haircut
Charmed – Season 1 Episode 11 “Witch Perfect” [Catch Up]

I would like to start this recap by saying Rogelio De La Vega from Jane the Virgin is one of the only cis heterosexual male characters on TV I absolutely love, so I was thrilled to learn Jaime Camil was going to guest star on this episode.

Mel fesses up to Jada about joining her gang in order to infiltrate them, but Jada already knew.

Later, Mel is at the bar on a Sarcana mission with Jada to catch a rapist. Jada walks away for a moment, and Niko swoops in.

Charmed - Hi Mel I'm Niko

I’ve been waiting for the moment Niko and Mel see each other post-memory-erasing-spell, and the look on Mel’s face did not disappoint.

Mel and Niko’s conversation is made even more awkward by the fact that Niko’s been hired to investigate Mel’s new girlfriend.

I love the “you don’t remember me, but I know you” trope.

At the bar, Mel told Jada Niko was “nobody,” but later Mel tells her the truth about her being a PI.

Charmed - She thinks you're in a cult

She also comes clean about Niko being her ex girlfriend.

Charmed - She's my ex

I really like how chill Jada is about the ex girlfriend thing.

I absolutely love this dyke drama, and at this point, I’m not sure whose team I’m on. I love #Melko, but Jada and Mel are more honest with each other while Niko and Mel were very up and down. I’m just going to ride this ride for awhile and see where I land.

Black Lightning – Season 2 Episode 11 “The Book of Secrets: Chapter One: Prodigal Son” [Live]

Grace surprises Anissa with lunch while she’s in the hospital supporting Khalil after he had his spine ripped out by Tobias at the end of the last episode.

I loved this sweet gesture, and I’m with Grace. I also don’t believe, “everything happens for a reason.” You can also tell Black Lightning is not part of the Arroverse because she didn’t bring her a Big Belly Burger. Now I’m craving a burger.

At the end, before Khalil dies, Grace and Anissa have this moment.

Black Lightning - Anissa and Grace

Khalil dying was so sad, and I’m wondering what this means for Jennifer and her trying to keep her powers under control. I imagine she’s going on the rampage this week.

Good Trouble – Season 1 Episode 4 “Playing the Game” [Live]

Sigh, Alice, our favorite doormat is at it again helping Sumi and her fiancé plan their wedding.

Good Trouble - I want a big traditional wedding

She’s even willing to pay the registration fees for a wedding planning site. C’mon, Alice get your self esteem together and stop waiting on Sumi hand and foot.

She does have an anger fantasy moment.

Good Trouble - What do you think

Alice, this is a time when your inside voice should be your outside voice.

Meanwhile, I think it’s safe to say Malika is all of us.

Good Trouble - Why are you doing this

Yeah, no, Alice, that’s not how it works.

Malika tries to talk Alice into having a spine and not let Sumi and the rest of The Coterie take advantage of her.

Good Trouble - you have to stop letting people take advantage of you

Sumi takes Malika’s advice and holds a house meeting where she tells everyone she’s not going to buy all the toilet paper anymore. No one really cares, and the meeting disperses.

Alice really hasn’t changed anything because by the end of the episode, the toilet paper is gone, and she’s back to helping Sumi pick out Bridesmaids dresses.

Will our girl ever advocate for herself? We’ll have to keep watching to find out.

This week on Good Trouble, Stef and Lena visit the girls at The Coterie, and it’s going to be hilarious.

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