The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – December 7, 2020

Queerest Things - Maya and Carina Shacking Up

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, Maya and Carina shacking up creates vagina art and French Toast angst on Station 19 and I got a preview of The Prom at a drive-in.

Warning: This post contains spoilers!
Station 19 – Season 4 Episode 3 “We Are Family” [Live]

The show opened with a cute scene of Maya and Carina shacking up. You can already tell Maya is having monogamy angst. Her personal brand for 3 seasons has been “I don’t do relationships” and now she has a girlfriend in her kitchen cooking her a breakfast she can’t drink from a cup.

I would have preferred their opening scene to be getting negative COVID tests then attacking each other, but “French Toast as good as sex” is what we got.

I was wondering what was on the table causing Maya to have that “Oh, no.” look on her face.

Is it the box? Is it the bag? Is it the table nicely set for two when she usually has her breakfast in a to-go cup? Whatever it is, Maya’s transition from “Monogmy’s stupid” to “in the shack” with a girlfriend is going to be a bumpy ride.

Later, Andy and Maya are riding in a fire truck together and Maya lets loose a big Shondaland speech about freaking out over her perfect Italian girlfriend.

To be honest, I would be freaking out over Vagina Art and French Toast as well.

I really hate the cliche of women best friends getting into a friendship-ending fight over a guy or a career and that’s what happened last season. Can TV not do that anymore or at least make the fight last a week and not an entire year?

At the end of the day, Andy busts into Maya’s office and gives a Shondaland speech about how they are both broken and messy and need to be friends again.

Hooray! Andy and Maya have FINALLY made up. But how will Andy’s moving back in affect Maya and Carina shacking up?

To distract me from worrying about what bad things may happen, I’ll look at these fanservice tweets.

The Prom – Movie [Drive-in]

I live with two big musical theater fans. My kid is a theater major at the Philly performing arts high school and my wife plays musical soundtracks on the regular. When The Prom made its debut at the Macy’s Day Parade my wife jumped on buying tickets. We saw the show on Broadway and were in the second row. We all loved it and the soundtrack has been on heavy rotation ever since.

When I heard Ryan Murphy was making a movie version I was so excited! The story is perfect for a teen lesbian rom-com musical. As casting went on I got a little skeptical. James Corden was playing the main gay male character and I’m not a big fan of Nicole Kidman, but I was still looking forward to it.

While I was Googling air dates, movie showtimes popped up! The Prom was playing a week early at a drive-in near us! Of course, my musical theater family bought tickets and watched it from our car last Friday.

Quick review: I enjoyed it and thought it was a great adaptation.

Andrew Rannells playing straight made up for James playing gay, and everyone sounded great. I loved the movie’s ability to fill in some gaps and add more backstory. My favorite addition was seeing Kerry Washington play a homophobic Olivia Pope.

I didn’t like how they cut a couple of the songs short. I love the end of “The Acceptance Song” where they are all wearing “We’re All Lesbians” shirts and they cut that part out completely. Also, the main character, Emma, was a lot cheerier and less resistant to being forced into the spotlight than the musical version Emma. I thought it changed her character too much, but if I only had seen the movie version, it would have felt fine.

I encourage you all to watch it when it comes out on Netflix this Friday. It’s really fun and super gay. If you want to watch it with others, we’re doing a LezWatch Group Watch this Friday. Join our Slack for all the details!

This week: The eleventh and FINAL season of Shameless is back, and yes there’s gay in it. I’ll give you all an update next week.

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