Farewell “One Day at a Time” – I Miss You Already

Farewell “One Day at a Time” – I Miss You Already

The news dropped yesterday. The show is officially over. I had a sneaking feeling that’s where it was going, based on a Twitter chat I had with Gloria Calderón Kellet. But the show is officially over.

How did we get here?

We all knew back in March that things were very chancy. PopTV was shutting down most shows (Flack anyone?) and with the situation as murky as it was with Netflix and streaming, there was far less hope than we’d had before.

To put it simply, without POPTV, or some similar small network, it was unlikely we were going to get another season. For as long as Netflix was blocking streamers (2022), it was going to be nigh impossible to pay for the show.

The long and the short of it is … Netflix’s restrictive deal (about not getting to go to another streamer for 5 years post cancelation) is why we’re here. This does not mean it’s Netflix’s fault, or CBSViacom, or even ODaaT‘s. This is just business, and what seemed like a great deal turned out to be not so much.

I have a feeling that, between this an the debacle over Marvel shows on Netflix, IPs are going to be a little more prudent about cutting deals with streamers. If the production company doesn’t have their own streamer (Sony, who produces ODaaT, notably does not), then they may push for more ownership and rights of the re-airing.

What Happens Next?

Now we say goodbye. We don’t get a wrap up episode even, so instead I’m going to tell you all how I see the end of ODaaT.

  • Schnieder and Avery have a beautiful baby girl and name her after either Lydia or Penelope. Little Lupe seems like a perfect baby name.
  • Alex keeps working in fashion to the point that he has to decide if he’s going to keep playing sports or not. After the totally predicable shenanigans, he decides to follow his heart and leave the baseball team.
    • Alex and Nora will eventually break up. They’re 14-15, it’s expected. Everyone loves Nora, though, so she still hangs around the family all the time.
  • Dr. B and Penelope expand their practice. With COVID, they’re working crazy hours but come through the other side with flying colors.
  • Speaking of Dr. B, no he never actually defines his relationship with Lydia, and they’re both perfectly happy that way. We never find out what happened with the in Cuba, save that they went together. It drives Penelope up the wall sometimes, but she accepts it because…
  • Penelope and Max have their perfect (for them) relationship that is not traditional at all. They are very happy together, and while there’s a scare when Max goes ‘missing,’ he’s fine and it does not make them decide to get married or even move in together.
  • Elena goes to Stanford. By the time she’s ready to go, she and Syd have decided that the LDR really isn’t going to work and have a tearful goodbye. But when Elena gets to her dorm to meet her roommate she sees…
  • CARMEN! Elena’s BFF is there and is her roommate. They hug and promise to be each other’s wingman for the next phase in their lives.

And since no one can tell me otherwise, that’s what happened.

Thank you

I want to thank everyone on the set of One Day at a Time. You were always so generous with your hearts and so open to being the show I personally needed so much. You were there for me when I needed to laugh. You made me feel like I was part of your family when I came to see a taping. You were a bright light in a pretty terrible 2019-20.

Whatever happens next, this show created a culture of openness and inclusivity that I hope will spread around to every part of TV production. The good they put into the world far surpasses what anyone could expect.

Thank you again. I will be your fan for whatever you make next.

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