The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – April 20, 2020

Queerest Things - Twenties season one finale

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, Scylla doesn’t deliver Raelle to the Spree (defying Evil Balloon orders) on Motherland: Fort Salem, and the Twenties season one finale is queer drama perfection.

Warning: This post contains spoilers!
Motherland: Fort Salem – Season 1 Episode 5 “Bellweather Season” [Live]

It’s the day of Abigail’s cousin’s big wedding, and Scylla has explicit instructions from the Evil Balloon to get herself on the guest list. Raelle innocently wants to bring her, but Abigail says absolutely not. It’s her and her squad’s chance to impresses the bosses at this wedding and she doesn’t want Necro girlfriends messing it up.

Scylla is not pushing Raelle too hard for an invite, instead she’s making cute plans with her to run away to the beach.

Maybe she does want to run away from Witch Army life with Raelle.

Raelle gives Scylla a present. It’s a pretty cool sexy-weird bird skull corsage. In turn, Scylla gives her something too.

I think having the ability to send Raelle a message from anywhere will come in handy later.

Scylla gets back to her dorm room and admires her new bird skull when Evil Balloon makes an appearance. Evil Balloon is not happy with Scylla.

Motherland Fort Salem - We told you to get invited

I really enjoy this show a lot, but they lose me with the Balloon. It’s so ridiculous. Do you think it’s on purpose, like some deep commentary on an innocent, joyful celebratory object unleashing violence on the masses? Honestly, I don’t think it’s that complex. It’s a silly-looking balloon of evil working for a terrorist organization named after a roll of candy.

Obeying Evil Balloon’s orders, Scylla sneaks in as a server then fire-shapeshifts back into herself. When the girls see her, Abigail is pissed. Scylla manages to evade “how did you get here” questions and walks off with Raelle who is too happy to see her to be concerned.

Sergeant Anacostia gives them a hard time when she sees them dancing together. Raelle defends her girlfriend for being there but gets pulled away by Tally drama. Anacostia warns Scylla to break up with Raelle or there will be consequences.

Later, they are super cute when Scylla thanks Raelle for calling her her girlfriend.

Motherland Fort Salem - The girlfriend part

Seriously, these two had a million cute moments on this episode. I could spend hours making GIFs.

While Raelle is occupied with other Witch Army stuff, Scylla gets another talking to from the Evil Balloon. This time Tally sees her. Uh, oh! Tally now knows Scylla is working with the Spree.

Motherland Fort Salem - Should I wait with her

The Balloon wants Scylla to bring Raelle to an exact location at 6pm. She did ask the balloon if she will be safe, so she does care about her well being. I still don’t know exactly what part Scylla is playing with the Spree.

Time’s ticking, it’s getting close to 6pm and Scylla asks Raelle to go with her to the beach where I assume she will take her to the Spree instead. Raelle says she wants to dance more first and Scylla says okay.

They dance, Scylla has a relationship flashback montage in her mind, tells Raelle she loves her and lets 6pm pass.

Then the Evil Balloon shit hits the fan. Abigail finds her cousin dead, balloons attack everyone at the wedding and Scylla is nowhere to be found.

Wow! That was an eventful episode! Scylla is going to have to pay for her choices. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Twenties – Season 1 Episode 8 “Living the Dream” [Live]

I can’t believe we’ve already arrived at the Twenties season one finale! This season flew by.

The episode opened up with a The Graduate-style seduction scene. I knew it was a dream sequence as I was watching it, but I thought for sure it was Hattie who was dreaming.

It wasn’t Hattie, it was Ida B! That’s a good twist.

Meanwhile, Hattie has been helping Nia get an audition for a new part on Coco’s Butter. Hattie helps Nia run lines and she’s really good. When they get to the actual audition, Nia is thrown off by getting a different iteration of the script to read from. Ida B. then asks her if she has a monologue prepared and Nia is like, “Of course.” She then proceeds to perform a monologue from one of Ida B’s unpublished screenplays. One of the screenplays Hattie was assigned to backup from Ida’s home computer.

Ida B thanks Nia for the performance, then tells Hattie she needs to talk to her outside.

Twenties season one finale - go to your desk and pack up

She fires Hattie on the spot.

Before she leaves, Hattie places her own screenplay on Ida B’s desk. Bold move, Hattie. I guess she has nothing to lose.

Twenties season one finale - Hattie's screenplay

Hattie then goes to the coffee shop where she goes to write and tries to apologize to Idena the cute server for how she treated her the other day.

I loved this scene because you never get to see a nuanced conversation like this between two queer women on television.

I think it’s okay to have a “type,” but when I was in my twenties my “type” was much more narrowly defined. My mind is way more open now and that is a good thing. If Idena and Hattie hit it off, have great conversations and chemistry, shutting it down just because Hattie perceives them to be too much of the same type could be a missed great relationship. That’s the message I got from Idena. I love Idena though and hope they do become friends in the future.

Hattie and her two straight besties go through other finale episode drama and at the very end, Hattie comes home to someone sitting on her (actually Marie’s) doorstep.

OMG what a perfect ending to the Twenties season one finale episode!

If you have not yet watched this series, now is the perfect time to binge. It is one of the only comedies on TV to center on a queer lead character (the first one for BET), super funny and quirky in a good way. I really hope it gets renewed.

This week: Raelle goes on the hunt to find Scylla, and hopefully, we’ll get some Maya and Carina content? They’ve been missing for the last two weeks.

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