New Queer Shows to Watch

New Queer Shows to Watch

We are making our way through a pretty messy world situation, and while we pointed you at some shows to binge, there are actually some new shows on right now that you may have missed because… well there’s a lot going on.

The other thing you may not have noticed is that a lot of networks are making it easier (and cheaper) to get in on their exclusive shows. Sure they still are going to charge you, and the cordless cable alternatives aren’t keen on you sharing with people outside your network, but there are some US shows you can and should check out for free right now.

All Rise (CBS)

We jokingly call this Shondaland Lite. It’s an easy, for the most part, legal drama that is contained 90% to the courthouse and the life of Lola Charmichael. She was hand-picked by her mentor, Judge Lisa Brenner, who is played by the estimable Marg Helgenberger. Brenner is also a lesbian. All Rise is also going to film a special coronavirus episode, all from everyone’s homes, which should be super interesting. You can watch it on CBS, and I would give it a chance to fill that easy legal hole in your life.

Deputy (Fox)

Note: This series was canceled in April 2020, so watch the one season with a happy ending.

This is the most cis white straight show out there, and it’s on Fox, and yet it also has a nuanced understanding of race relations and a non-binary officer in the form of Bishop. Played by out actor Bex Taylor-Klaus, Bishop’s story starts out happy and quickly comes to a complicated middle when they realize they’re not who they thought they were. This can be watched on Fox and is free right now.

Dickinson (Apple TV+)

The real life of Emily Dickinson was one we all looked at and thought “yeah but isn’t that kinda gay?” Turns out it totally was, and the ‘just-good-friends’ straight-washing of history took its toll. That was until Apple said “you know, that is super gay, and we all know it, so let’s have fun!” You can think of it as Gentleman Jack light, but it’s up for free on AppleTV right now.

For All Mankind (Apple TV+)

Another freebie from Apple is a sci-fi factual alt history. What if the USSR got to the moon first? I’m a huge moon nerd, and this one snuck up with some complicated queer rep. Deciding to stay in the closet to get to the moon, facing the Red and Pink scares, the first season ends with our queer lady making a decision no one should have to make. And no, I’m not talking about being out or not. This show really grows on you, and if you like space, go to AppleTV and watch it now.

Indebted (NBC)

Note: This series is on the bubble and may not be renewed.

Yes, this one is the sitcom with Fran Drescher. The plot is Boomer parents lose their money and move in with their Gen X/Millennial son and his family. The typical jokes are how the Boomers are out of touch with the modern world and technology, the Millennials like their distance from their neighbors, and then there is the daughter. She’s a lesbian and basically has a new girlfriend every week. The show is silly and fun and a good way to blast a half hour on NBC.

Katy Keene (Freeform)

Yet another CW show with good rep, Katy Keene’s BFF is a drag queen, but we’re not just here for the amazing Ginger Lopez. Pepper, whom everyone who read her in the comics will tell you was totally queer, is queer. In fact, last week’s reveal? She has a wife! And an open ‘relationship’ with a woman and a man. The show also gave us a three-men-threesome, so mad props to them. Watch it on the CW app.

Manifest (NBC)

Note: This series is on the bubble and may not be renewed.

The heir to Lost, where every week is a new mystery that is and isn’t solved, spiralling up into an arc that teases more than it delivers … finally has a main character who is a queer woman! If you watched season one, the recurring flight attendant is absolutely a married lesbian. But it’s not until season two that we find out the person Saanvi was waiting for, and hoping would join her, was her married girlfriend. They kind of reconnect, and then it gets Manifestfully weirder. Check out the show on NBC.

Motherland: Fort Salem (Freeform)

America, the Matriarchy. In this witchy fantasy/action show, you will have to get over the fact that the bad guys communicate via balloons and a couple Kool-aid drinking women in military school but it’s worth it. Every episode nudges the scales but you’re not always sure which way. Who’s bad and who’s good? It’s not quite clear, so go watch on Freeform now.

Stumptown (ABC)

Note: This series is on the bubble and may not be renewed.

Disaster bisexual, Dex Parios is … well … a goddamn disaster. Seriously. She’s an alcoholic with PTSD, raising her brother alone, trying to get over the war where she lost the man she was in love with. Spoilers? She’s a disaster in every sense of the word, and we love her for it. Watch the disaster on ABC.

Tommy (CBS)

Note: This series is on the bubble and may not be renewed.

Yet another cop show. Edie Falco plays a lesbian cop from New York who takes over the LAPD with mixed results. Also mixed is her dating life, her family life, and basically everything except her friendship with her ex husband. Go figure. Falco’s portrayal is solid, and absolutely worth a watch on CBS.

Vagrant Queen (Syfy)

Note: This series is on the bubble and may not be renewed.

Campy and hilarious, the show offers fan fav Tim Rozon a chance to stretch his comedy wings. The characters are complicated and messy, fall in love, and are a freaking delight to watch. For anyone who loves wacky sci-fi, and this includes Wynonna Earp, you’re missing out on a great spring series with this. Go to Syfy and tune in to the one queen.

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