Is This Farewell to “Wynonna Earp”?

Is This Farewell to “Wynonna Earp”?

The situation is bad, baby girls. Last month it was announced that the back half of season 4 would be the end of Wynonna Earp. No season five for us, nothing more on SyFy. All the Time Square billboards weren’t helping this one.

What Happened?

Well. COVID. Let me rewind a moment. After season 3, which ended on a ‘Waverly is in the Garden of Eden’ cliffhanger, the show was canceled because IDW (who produces the show) had no money. That did not sit well with fans, who wanted a happy gay ending, and people went and spoke up. When I said people bought billboards, I wasn’t kidding. We’re talking a group of people who regularly filled up Comic-Con theaters, they used their community to score write-in award nominations, and yes multiple fan-funded Times Square billboards.

Season 4 started filming and had to stop halfway through a year ago when this COVID thing happened. Filming was shut down, everyone was sent home, and we all wondered what the hell was going to happen to the world, let alone television. Much to our delight, Canada started up filming again, which means Wynonna was back! The gang was on set and making more with the wacky magic.

And then, February 5th, the bottom fell out. It was canceled, and this time it sounded pretty bad. There’s a chance season 5 could be picked up, but in the three (!!!) years since the original cancellation, it’s been … well. We’re all exhausted, burnt out, and knowing how much it costs to keep a show going in this Pandemic Society, and that Wynonna’s been a show one bullet away from a budget disaster (not of their own making), the writing was clear.

At this point… I have no idea what to do (if anything) to save the show, so I’m going to celebrate what we got and how fun it was to get it.

How Does It End?

You can keep reading folks, this is a spoiler free post.

Had I not known it was the end, watching the back half of season four sure made me think it was a farewell. The first two episodes are filled with nerdy fan hat-tips and winks. Characters we’ve missed come back, some in ways we never would have predicted. Wynonna has more sets of leather pants, a certain hat returns, and the whole thing feels like someone reminding me of all the greatness about this show that I’m going to miss.

The six episodes left are great. They’re peak Earper content with something for everyone. Quirky comedy abounds and I found myself laughing and wincing at the same time with inappropriate humour that I’ve always shared.

The remaining six episodes are set to return Friday, March 5 at 10 p.m. ET/PT and will culminate in SYFY’s epic finale on Friday, April 9 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. 

If you loved Wynonna Earp, you’ll love the end, even though we absolutely don’t want it.


The ending is bittersweet. We don’t want it, we want more seasons. But it’s the ending we’re getting, and they do not disappoint. Dial in to SyFy at 10pm for the next 6 weeks.

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