The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – September 6, 2021

The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week – September 6, 2021

On this chapter of The Queerest Things I Watched Last Week, the therapy session with Bette, Tina, Carrie and Angie goes just as well as expected and the long-anticipated Avalance wedding saves the world.

Warning: This post contains spoilers!
The L Word: Generation Q – Season 2 Episode 5 “Lobsters, Too” [Live]

Finley and Sophie

We open the episode with Finley puking into the toilet then chugging down a beer — a great way to start the day! This can’t be a healthy lifestyle choice for her new soccer coaching job. Is that still happening?

Sophie comes in and they have their 100th awkward conversation. Are we supposed to be thinking they should be together? Because in my opinion, that’s the last thing that should happen.

Even though Sophie and Dani hung out all day and night in Ojai, Sophie is compelled to let Finley know they are not back together.

The L Word Generation Q - We're not back together if that's what you think

Finley, move out and move on already!

Later at work, Finey goes to Tess for advice. She’s still holding out hope Sophie will come around and they’ll ride off into the sunset or something. Tess is team Move On, Already!

The L Word Generation Q - Find someone who knows your worth

Yes, find someone whose wedding you didn’t derail who clearly wants to be with you!

Finley took Tess’ advice seriously because, like, an hour later she’s already found someone.

The L Word Generation Q - Hey, check her out I'm moving on

Can you imagine having a job where you can not only use work time to flirt with a stranger to the point where they want to go home with you, but your bosses are like, “Get outta here you crazy kids!” before your shift ends?

That night Sophie brings home missed curbside date sushi for Finley and discovers her hooking up with the girl from the bar. She has to go to sleep to the sounds of them banging.

The L Word Generation Q - Sophie at home

This situation is a mess, y’all. Someone needs to move out or the apartment needs better soundproofing.

Gigi and Bette

I would like to take this moment to proclaim my love for Gigi. She is the best thing to happen to TLWGQ and Bette is too Bette to see it.

The L Word Generation Q - Do you want to talk about what happened the other day

“Not unless you need to.” Nice, Bette.

The only way Gigi could get Bette to pay attention to her would be to turn into a piece of art (my wife said that while we were watching).

Bette is so extra this season. She’s like Bette times 100. I know she’s got a lot going on and she and Gigi are not the best match, but OMG LOOK AT GIGI! I’d at least try to find some enjoyment in this relationship and not be such a dick to her in her own house!

Gigi’s learning the only way to be in a relationship with Bette is to be an ignored doormat.

Shane and Tess

It’s another day at Dana’s and Tess tells Shane the person she mentioned during Surprise Movie Night Gone Wrong is coming over for coffee, like, right now. I wonder who it could be.


I literally sat up and yelled “Cherie Jaffe!” when I saw her.

To remind you all what happened 17 years ago, Cherie was a rich woman with a husband and kid Shane had a very intense and dramatic affair with. Cherie’s teenage kid was coming out too and she lied to her dad and said she and Shane hooked up. That blew everything up.

The L Word Generation Q - Shane and Cherie from the original L Word

Anyway, back to the present.

I like Shane talking like she’s evolved 17 years later and not the “irresistible homewrecker” she once was. Please stick to this, Shane!

That night at the poker game, Cheri grabs Shane’s leg under the table and Tess sees it. Cheri’s playing more games than poker because when Tess goes to leave Cheri bangs her on Shane’s office sex couch.

I hope that couch gets cleaned regularly. It gets so much action we may need to add it as a character to our database.

At the end of the night, Shane is cleaning up and hears a knock at the door. Of course, it’s Cheri.

The L Word Generation Q - You gonna let me in

Oh, Shane, this is so many levels of bad decision-making.

That being said, I am loving this. Carmel said it well in the LezWatchTV Slack: “Showed up, create chaos, disappear. Big fan.”

Me, too!


Dani’s story starts “Season 1 of The Good Fight” style visiting her dad in prison. There she is surprised with the news she’s the interim CEO of her dad’s company.

Gigi is waiting outside in the car to be her Lyft driver for the day I guess.

The L Word Generation Q - I somehow became CEO of my dad's company

Doesn’t Gigi have a high-profile real estate job to get to? I guess business is good enough to hang out with Dani all day drinking wine and slowly unpacking boxes in her new condo.

Dani tells Gigi about her time with Sophie in Ojai.

The L Word Generation Q - Did I tell you Sophie came to Ojai?

Okay, I guess the 24 hours they spent together just was a Goodbye Sex thing.

Now Dani can focus on her family drama, her dad’s business she’s now in charge of and whatever’s going on here with her and Gigi.

I’m not sure how I feel about these two. I don’t know if I like it or if the show is just playing musical chairs with characters. I’d watch Gigi walk down the street for an hour so I’m fine either way.

Tina, Bette & Carrie

Oh, goodness, these three.

The moment is here for Angie’s therapy session with Bette, Tina and Carrie. This is going to be quite the ride. Bette does not like Carrie and it’s clear the feeling is mutual.

The L Word Generation Q - Now, she's going to behave, right?

Tina, you can’t promise Bette is going to behave.

At the session, Angie tells all her moms her donor Marcus is sick. He’s in kidney failure and Angie wants to see if she’s a match. As usual, Bette loses her shit.

The L Word Generation Q - She can't donate a kidney

Things melt down into chaos and Angie storms out.

After the session, Carrie is in a bad mood and shit-talking Bette.

The L Word Generation Q - I don't know why you ever married her

Carrie grabs a Lyft and leaves Tina to go to work.

I don’t get Tina and Carrie’s relationship, but Rosie O’Donnell plays such a great character. She is so NOT like the other characters ever on this show. Historically, most characters have been so polished and Carrie is a grumpy middle age butch. She shakes things up and I love it.

That night, Bette gives Angie a really good apology and says she can meet Marcus. I’m glad because I’m a firm believer in kids created with donor sperm having the right to know their biology. Our kid has known his donor since birth and it’s not an issue at all. That being said, I would have done the same thing at Bette. I’m an “Absolutely not!” first reaction then Apologize and Reconsider After I Cool Down parent.

I wonder if Marcus Allenwood is going to be played by the same actor (Mark Gibson)!


Alice is still a mess after breaking up with Nat.

Alice tells Sophie Nat has been texting her wanting to get back together.

The couple Sophie found for her new segment have been together for 43 years. My wife and I are only 14 years away from being together for just as long. Will someone be interviewing us for our sage wisdom then?

The couple drops this piece of advice during their interview.

The L Word Generation Q - The Read Deal doesn't come around that often

Who was that supposed to be for? Sophie and Dani, Sophie and Finley or Alice and Nat? I’m not sure if any of those combinations are worth fighting for at this point.

Later, Alice is at home preparing a fancy dinner for Nat when Nat calls to cancel.

The L Word Generation Q - Flowers are stupid

Poor Alice. Not only did she call to cancel, but she also called after leaving another woman’s house.

Alice calls her former editor, now friend Tom over to help clean up the mess and eat the dinner. Tom shrieks when he discovers live lobsters in Alice’s kitchen.

The L Word Generation Q - They're lobsters

Tom is deathly allergic to shellfish, so they decide to take the lobsters to the beach to set them free.

At the beach, the two of them talk and they’re pretty cute together.

The L Word Generation Q - Nat and I were so good

I know the show has been criticized for erasing Alice’s bisexuality after season 2 of the OG L Word. She and Tom are pretty cute and I think they’re a good choice to un-erase it. I hope it happens!


After mediating the world’s worst lesbian family therapy session, Micah texts Maribel to come over. Even though Micah won’t say it out loud, Maribel knows what’s up and goes in for the kiss.

The L Word Generation Q - I just needed you

YAY! At least there’s one happy couple on this show!

Legends of Tomorrow – Season 6 Episode 15 “The Fungus Amongus” [Live]

Almost 4 years and exactly 60 episodes ago Sara Lance and Ava Sharpe first met and have since been in one of the longest-running enemies-to-girlfriends wlw relationships on superhero TV. Last night they put a ring on it in an Avalance wedding only the Legends could have.

Of course, the Avalance wedding was interrupted by the possible end of the world by an alien attack, but queer love prevailed.

I love the Avalance wedding saving the world. And I appreciate this show so much for proving a queer couple in a stable loving relationship can still have adventures and fun. You don’t have to throw constant breakups and relationship hardships at them for cheap drama. Happy queer couples can be entertaining and kick-ass.

Co-captains forever, baby!

This week: Queen Sugar is back. Good Trouble is having a season finale, and The Republic of Sarah is sadly ending.

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